Words of Wisdom from Dave Barry

Here’s another one that recently arrived in my inbox.

Enjoy, John


What you thought was wrong with you may be what’s right with you.

― Alarius


      In junior high school Dave Barry was a class clown and often found himself in trouble for cracking jokes during class. One day his teacher scolded him, “You’d better get to work, Dave Barry — you can’t joke your way through life!”

      Fortunately, Dave paid no attention to his teacher and went on to become the most successful humor writer in America. With many popular books to his credit, he writes the most widely syndicated humor column in American newspapers. He also garnered a Pulitzer Prize along the way.

       Dave Barry is joking his way through life, and doing quite well at it. If he had buckled under pressure from his teacher and done something that was safe but boring, millions of us would have missed out on some precious insights and belly laughs. And he would have been just one more confused person wondering what he is doing here, dying with his music still in him.

      You have gifts and talents unique to you, which no one can replicate. You are here to deliver your inimitable talents to the world. People will come along who judge or criticize you for not following the herd. If you listen to them, you will feel depressed and despondent. If you listen to your inner spirit instead, you will feel exhilarated and find meaning, purpose, and value in your life.

      No one knows what you should be doing more than you do.  Trust that knowing, and success will flow to you naturally and easily. And your heart will be full.

Are you living true to your inner talents and gifts?

How might you express them more, with trust and confidence?


I rejoice in the gifts and talents I am blessed with. I share them with assurance.


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