Hoorn in the 19th Century:Painting by W.R. Dommersen

Back in the mid 1990s I was mired in a period of depression. I’d almost lost my marriage and ended up in a place I never expected to be—a below sea level part of the Netherlands. I didn’t initially speak the language and couldn’t find work to support my young family. Then, after making rapid headway with Dutch, I landed a job in a biodynamic family orchard in the country near our home. I’ve recorded a segment of Chapter 13 from my new book, Beyond the Search, which tells a little of the beautiful experience I had while working in that orchard. I hope you enjoy.


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Radio host, inspirational speaker and health educator John Haines is the author of In Search of Simplicity: A True Story that Changes Lives and the recently released Beyond the Search, books to lift the spirit and touch the heart. See http://www.JohnHainesBooks.com

“In Search of Simplicity is a unique and awe-inspiring way to re-visit and even answer some of the gnawing questions we all intrinsically have about the meaning of life and our true, individual purpose on the planet. I love this book.”

Barbara Cronin, Circles of Light. For the complete review visit: http://www.circlesoflight.com/blog/in-search-of-simplicity/

“In Search of Simplicity is one of those rare literary jewels with the ability to completely and simultaneously ingratiate itself into the mind, heart and soul of the reader.”

Heather Slocumb, Apex Reviews