Love is the real glue that holds this world together. 

One of the reasons I love living in New Zealand’s lightly populated Far North is because I can pass a stranger on the beach or in the street and exchange a few pleasant words with them. We don’t distrust each other. I believe this attitude of trust is closer to the way things are in the spirit world from whence we come where all beings are greeted with acceptance and openness without suspicion. Where the old adage holds, ‘Strangers are friends I haven’t yet met.’

I suggest we turn our attention away from the negative messages of the media and reflect meditatively on the reality that exists behind this illusory world.

Face it. The fears and the distrust of this world are our creation. Love is the real glue that holds this world together. Perhaps its greatest expression is kindness to a stranger and its simplest expression is a smile. Smile at the next stranger you meet.


I Am happy and I extend that happiness to everyone I meet.



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