Big news – the first lawsuit against migrant rights activist Andy Hall was thrown out by a Thai judge last week. This is an important step, but we still have a long way to go as, unfortunately, there are still three more cases remaining, one of which is starting this week, and they include penalties of up to 7 years in prison.

The timing is critical – if we keep our pressure up now, we can have the best chance of not only securing Andy’s freedom, but hope for all activists and victims of forced labor in Thailand.

Click here to send a message to Natural Fruit call on them to drop all remaining charges against Andy immediately.

On Sat Aug 30, 2014 at 5:53 PM, Walk Free Campaigns <> wrote:


Andy Hall could face 7 years in prison for doing something you and I do everyday — talking about modern slavery.

Andy Hall is a British campaigner with a special focus on the rights of migrant workers. Two years ago, on behalf of Finnwatch, he undertook an investigation into Natural Fruit, part of NatGroup, a Thai company that processes pineapples and supplies retailers around the world. Finnwatch’s final report paints a picture suggesting modern slavery:

“…passports and work permits confiscated; compulsory and excessive overtime; fines and unclear deductions from wages; debt bondage and violence by guards and superiors.”1

Instead of focusing on addressing these serious allegations, Natural Fruit decided to try and silence Andy with lawsuits. They have pursued civil and criminal charges and now Andy could face a prison sentence and $10 million in legal damages for his investigations.

Are you as outraged as we are? Now is your chance to join the call for justice.

Stand with Andy Hall: demand that Natural Fruit drop all charges against him and thoroughly investigate and take action to ensure there is no modern slavery or exploitation in their business.
Now is a crucial time in Andy’s prosecution. Although Natural Fruit’s behaviour is deeply disturbing it proves that the company cares about its public image. By coming together over the next few days, with activists all around the world that are standing in solidarity with Andy, we can show Natural Fruit’s senior management what we think about these excessive and intimidating charges.

If this case proceeds and Natural Fruit are successful, this would not only be a grave miscarriage of justice for Andy, but the process could also set a dangerous precedent for other Thai companies to take a similar approach to allegations of modern slavery

Andy Hall is one of us — please join the growing global outcry over his prosecution and fight for the rights of anti-slavery campaigners and their efforts to end worker exploitation.

Demand justice for Andy and workers vulnerable to exploitation and modern slavery in Thailand now.
In solidarity,

The whole Walk Free team

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