Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body.

                                                                                                                                                                                       ― Cicero         

The following words were recently sent to me by my dear friend, Elan Sunstar. I don’t know the source but I think you’ll agree they have tremendous relevance today. 

     ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder, has gotten a lot of attention over the last few decades. More and more children are being diagnosed with the disorder, along with many adults. Yet there is another disorder that is even more pervasive and dangerous, and which exacts our society a far greater cost: Spiritual Deficit Disorder.

      Symptoms of SDD include resistance to awakening in the morning, boredom with work, absence of passion, irritability, fatigue, chronic low-level diseases. inclination to soft or hard addictions, a sense of lack of direction and meaning, self-numbing in front of a television or computer screen, hypnosis from watching the news followed by depression, insatiable need to acquire more stuff, and pursuing relationship partners with no lasting or rewarding results.

      Experts report that far more of the population may suffer from SDD than appearances would indicate, and some of the people who claim or appear to be the happiest may in their private moments be the emptiest of joy.

      While medical officials are not aware of a cure for SDD (and many are not even aware of the disease) it had been reported by non-traditional healing practitioners that a number of remedies have been tried and proven. They include: stepping away from the computer, getting into nature, taking long deep breaths of fresh air, spending time with people you enjoy rather than those you feel obligated to be with, choosing a career that allows you to express your passion, speaking your truth to those close to you, working less, playing more, avoiding the news or talk of it, laughing at will, and serious lovemaking.

      Members of SDDA meet at twelve-step groups to share their stories of how they were addicted to the fear until they realized the spirit inside them gave them more reward than anything outside them. If you suffer from SDD it is recommended that you get help immediately.

What do you do, or can you do, to reconnect with your spirit and revitalize your life? 

I am a spiritual being at my core, nourished and sustained by life and love.



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