How to Save the World: One Man, One Cow, One Planet

is the award winning documentary describing the Gandhi-like efforts of one elderly New Zealand gardener, Peter Proctor, to transform agriculture in India.
150,000 Indian farmers have taken their lives since the mid-1990s as agrichemical giants like Monsanto of America and Syngenta of Switzerland have taken their livelihood. These seed behemoths control the genetically modified seed, effectively removing the ability of 60% of Indian farmers to support their families in their millennia-old traditional ways.
Enter Peter Proctor armed with a bucket and cow manure. One farmer at a time, he is giving back hope. Like Peter says, “Unless we have the right food, we can’t think properly.”
I invite you to view the trailer and purchase the video. You’ll be supporting the efforts of a modern day Gandhi, a humble octogenarian who is living the change he wants to see in the world, and coincidently transforming the lives of countless people.



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