I recently did an email blast with links to a few blogs I felt could be relevant to many people. One such blog concerned the various pandemics caused by vaccines. The link is here: http://bit.ly/Ka7u0

I then received the following email this morning. I print a very slightly edited (grammar and I’ve changed the names for the sake of anonymity) version below. I think this is interesting because this health practitioner points out the World Health Organization’s agenda and what is already happening in Europe.

 My name is Hilda. I am a friend of your friend Richard. I am working as a health practitioner in a clinic here and I am so much aware of what’s going on with the vaccination plan of WHO! The other day Richard got an interesting email about this topic from you, the whole story from last century! Unfortunately he couldn’t forward it to me! Would you be so kind and send me this email too. It would be very much appreciated. I know they are starting right now to force people to have these contaminated vaccines in Switzerland where I am coming from and in France and Greece.

 The world should wake up or like we say, “l`histoire se repete.” Have a wonderful day.

In October I’ll have a previous guest, Ashiya Austin return to Voices from the North.. Two years ago we spoke of Sea Shepherd and their efforts to halt illegal Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean. This time she’s going to share a plethora of gathered information on vaccines and their dangers. Keep tuned in for more on this topic.

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