I’m excited to announce that I’ve found a way to upload some of my radio programs to the net so that they are now available to everyone, as opposed to my usual geographically limited audience in New Zealand’s Far North.

They’re on and for a complete listing of all my uploaded shows and associated blogs visit here.

Click on the link below for an interview with a fellow Gaia member, Elan Sun Star.


This interview with Elan Sun Star is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. In addition to dialogue packed with anecdotes and scientific evidence supporting the value of smiling, the hour is sprinkled with smiley songs from the likes of Tony Bennett and Red Grammar. Hear about:

  • How smiling assists brain development in children
  • The Duchenne Smile
  • The value of smiling to astronauts and peace negotiators
  • How Norman Cousins cured himself of an incurable disease
  • Laughing clubs spring up in India and elsewhere
  • The Inner Smile


The smile is quite simply the easiest, cheapest and perhaps most important and available means of attaining radiant health and finding peace in any situation. This is one of my favourite interviews.