A few months back I did a study of all the magazines in the library, weeding out the ones with low circulation and adding new ones to broaden the base of what is available. We’re just beginning to see those new magazines and I brought one home with me this weekend—NEXUS. You may recall that I interviewed the New Zealandpublisher of NEXUS in 2009 (see https://insearchofsimplicity.com/2009/12/04/lee-brogan-talks-about-nexus-magazine-on-voices-from-the-north/ )

The current June-July 2011 edition of the magazine features stories on the likes of Search for Free-Energy Technologies, Overcoming Obesity with Vitamin D and Past Life Healing and Trauma Relief. But what I’d like to report on here is another article; this one on a project called CHANI, an Acronym for Computer-Interfaced Communication with Other Realms. These fascinating inter-dimensional communications originated at a secret site inAfricabetween 1994 and 1999. The messages include the concept that the moon was placed here to negatively impact people’s moods and that gold is mined not for human use, but is passed on to interplanetary beings. The messenger stated that his planet had got rid of its moon and immediately experienced more peace and calm afterwards. But frankly all this is insignificant when compared with the stunning sunset we are experiencing right here, right now.


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