dying to be mePreviously I’ve written of the importance of having a right relationship with life. This time I’d like to address the importance of establishing a right relationship with death. After all, is not death the last great adventure?

Those who die and return, those who’ve had what we call near death experiences, consistently confirm that there is nothing to fear when crossing the boundary called death.

Dying to be me is the true story of the near death experience of cancer survivor Anita Moorjani. All her life she was caught between the expectations of her family, community and culture and the song of her soul. It was only after nearly dying that she realised one need sometimes disappoint another in order to be true to oneself. It was only after returning from the valley of death that she truly learned to love herself and her body. It was only then that she opened to the seemingly miraculous and limitless power of healing available to everyone of us. Within a few months of waking from coma, her eight tennis ball-sized tumours had completely disappeared. Doctors were amazed when scans showed absolutely no evidence of cancer remained in her body.

One of the biggest post-coma changes she underwent was to realise she could no longer pursue work only for personal gain. She needed to listen to the guidance of her heart of hearts and do what she truly loved.

proof-of-heaven-197x300Neurosurgeon and author of Proof of Heaven Dr. Eben Alexander was sceptical when patients reported profound out-of-body experiences and meetings with deceased loved ones during brain surgery.

His own meningitis-induced 7-day coma cured him of this myopia.

He miraculously returned from the dead with a completely transformed perspective on life after death. He now speaks the words of a mystic: That we are never alone. That the world beyond is indescribably grander, more loving, more colourful and more powerful than the one of everyday life.

His advice: ‘It (your deepest self) heaven is for real dvdcomprehends that it has no need to fear the earthly world. And therefore, it has no need to build itself up through fame or wealth or conquest. . . . How do we get closer to [the] genuine spiritual self? By manifesting love and compassion.’

Both Dr. Alexander and Anita Moorjani confirm that when our actions are guided by the Golden Rule we no longer knowingly do harm to others, be they human, plant or animal. When we let go of fear we understand that in the eyes of God each of us is perfect just as we are. Knowing this we can finally let go, relax and truly enjoy the journey.

Finally, I recommend reading or watching Heaven is for Real, the true story of a four-year-old boy’s near death experience and how his experience rocked the world of his father, a Christian minister.



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