I received a response by Liza yesterday to a post I’d made on Dreams of Artists (on www.gaia.com) months ago. It was a post about creating a web presence and all the effort required. I for one sometimes wonder if all that effort is worthwhile. But…

I then received an email from someone I’ve never met out of the blue this morning and, frankly, this one note makes it all worthwhile. I’d like to share it with you below.

Dear John,
                  On Friday . . .being the 21st August, I was in Kaikohe
to pick someone up, I had arrived a little early for some reason (& it’s
odd for me to have time to kill) I went into the paperplus store. . .
just again. . . no apparent reason, & saw your book down the back of the
shop. Book Cover TargetTypically I’m not a reader, I don’t consider I have time or
headspace for it. But I was compelled to pick your book up, I was quite
taken by it, but I rarely allow myself to buy spontaneously so I left
the book behind, or so I thought. For the next week the book was on my
mind every day. So the next trip I had into town . . .I bouoght it.
I’m only up to page 217, & there’s a confirming message for me on that
page, it SO relates to my oft queries of my own decisions, My eyes
spiked with tears as I read that piece, . . .” All I had to do was my
best. All anyone has to do is their best.”   You’re so right, & I often
tell others that 🙂 , . . .but I’ve never told myself that.
I know there’s more for me in this book, just by the way it bought me. .
.more than I bought it!  I know I’m on a search for. . . . . something,
maybe self, & this book you’ve written is helping me on that journey. So
Thank you very much, for all this effort you’ve gone to in writing this
book & sharing with us all,

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John Haines is the author of In Search of Simplicity: A True Story that Changes Lives, a startlingly poignant and inspiring real-life endorsement of the power of thought, belief and synchronicity in one’s life.