green-pathIt has been said that where judgment exists there is no room for love.

While living in Golden Bay on New Zealand’s South Island I met a man whose wife had been murdered some years before. He was understandably devastated and fell into a funk. Eventually he met a new partner and she encouraged him to follow the path of forgiveness in order to overcome his depression. He began to make regular visits to the perpetrator of this crime against his late wife, in a nearby prison. I was awed at the enormity of forgiveness required to complete such a task. And it obviously worked because he was a happy and peaceful man.

Buddha quoteIn 1987 Sandy MacGregor’s three teenage daughters were murdered, shot-gunned after opening the door to an acquaintance, 27 year old Richard Maddrell, a student one of the girls had met at university. Maddrell was declared a paranoid schizophrenic and found not guilty of murder on the grounds of insanity.

Four years before the murders, Mr. MacGregor had started learning how to harness the power of the subconscious mind through meditation after his son Andrew used the technique to control asthma attacks and to help his recovery following a motorbike accident.

But in his devastated state after the murders Sandy was unable to practice the meditation technique for some months. When he did begin meditating he received a “thought.”

Foregiveness“It was like a voice saying to me, “If you persist in being hateful, angry and revengeful you’re going to end up like ‘that,’ …[like] another victim.”

So Mr. MacGregor decided to work with acceptance, cooperation, unconditional love and forgiveness. It took time but after about four years he felt he was really over the deaths. More recently he has taken the final step in forgiveness by visiting Mr. Maddrell in prison. He made it clear to Mr. Maddrell that he wasn’t condoning his actions but that he was unconditionally forgiving him for the murder of his daughters.

“That was pretty emotional. I could hardly gasp out their names but at the end of it I felt euphoric, lighter; I felt the monkeys were off my back.”

Sandy MacGregor is a happy man. He works with homicide and suicide support groups in Australia and has written a book titled Creating Happiness Intentionally.

What do these two men have in common? They have learned to utilise the formidable power of unconditional forgiveness and love. In each instance they needed to learn to unconditionally accept the actions of another person. And in these two cases the forgiven actions have been about as horrific as anyone can imagine. Yet these men, ordinary human beings like you and me, took the extraordinary step to release anger, hate and revenge. And they then experienced the state of happiness and health that is inherent within us when negative emotional states are relinquished.

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