The power of thought and consciousness precedes all change.

Max Tobin

 2012. What image or images does that date conjure up in your mind? Is it the end of the world or the beginning of a new one? My special guests Wednesday, September 8th on Voices from the North, Max and Alana Tobin, have made it a vital issue in their lives to investigate the Mayan Calendar and its perspective with respect to 2012.

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There are countless books, even movies, related to this monumental time and many of them are harbingers of doom. But Max and Alana, calling on the words and inspiration of Mayan seer, Wandering Wolf (Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj a living authority within the Mayan wisdom traditions and researcher Carl Calleman  ( ) see the Mayan Calendar and philosophy as a map of human consciousness rather than as a predictor of catastrophe.

I recall the huge attention the media gave to the Millennium Bug. The flow into the new millennium turned out to be a gentle non-event compared with the predictions we were inundated with. Likewise, Nostradamus books are always popular. People love to look at interpretations of his words which point to a third world war and other calamities.

Yet, as Max Tobin so eloquently stated during our interview, the power of thought and consciousness precedes all change. And fear is often based on the memory of previous catastrophes. So what future do we wish to envision?

Similarly, the Siberian seer, Anastasia, has this to say of Nostradamus:

 “The dates you gave, Nostradamus, for fearful cataclysms on the Earth, were not predictions. You created them out of your own thought and persuaded people to accept their implementation. Now they are still hovering over the Earth, still frightening people with their sense of despair . . . It can come to pass simply because human thought is material and creates what is material . . . And whole sects immolate themselves in different parts of the world – that is, the ones who believe in doom immolate themselves, while the ones who have faith in the future live.”

The Spirit of Love, Chapter 24 by Vladimir Meģre

As for 2012, Max calls it a non-event. But he and partner Alana draw our attention to two other dates: November 3, 2010 and March 8, 2011. and the real end date of the process of creation, October 28, 2011. These are times are opportunities for us to tune in and wake up. And as we wake up, we ‘make whole’ and we gain access to multidimensional memories for, as Alana says, ‘We are time capsules of memory.’ The Mayan name for the Creator is Hunab Ku. And on March 9th next year Alana says Hunab Ku will be pulsing through me and you (rhyme fully intended), animating all of creation and similarly informing us. Alana hastens to add that all this and we are not limited to linear time. Rather, we can tune into Sacred Time, as the Mayan timekeepers have learned to do. Recognize we are on a Divine evolutionary schedule.

When I asked Max how he would define enlightenment he said (something like): “Enlightenment is recognizing the unity within consciousness and coming to understand that the universe has purpose.” I might add, and I’m sure Max would agree: We too, each and every one of us, have purpose.

Alana spoke about how the accelerating changes in consciousness can sometimes cause distress. People may find themselves vacillating between feeling wiped out and being over-energized. She recommends practices such as yoga, meditation and Tai chi to help with the shifting energies we are all increasingly exposed to. For more on this read my earlier post on the Shaumbra Symptoms.

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What does Wandering Wolf have to say? (from:

Wandering Wolf is responsible for guiding humanity through a prophesied evolutionary transition called the transition to a new sun, or the “Shift of the Ages.” In his speaking engagements and travels he relays not only potent messages filled with hope and promise, but also grave warnings about the changes we must make.

He tells us we are living in the time when the ancestors as well as men and women of wisdom return to usher in a new era of global harmony and a new phase of human evolution. Wandering Wolf warns us that we have arrived at a critical crossroads.

The message is simple and clear — we must change the way we live NOW.

Each individual must participate to help bring in the coming age and must start by purifying themselves and healing past traumas to Mother Earth, all the living creatures and those people who have been disregarded and disrespected. His message is one of equality, sharing and unity. He says that each person must take responsibility and look into their own heart for the ways they can participate in this shift.

For more details on the cycles of the Mayan Calendar read below and found  at:   

The Mayan calendar is in 9 different levels. Each level is divided into 13 sections. There are seven periods of light and six periods of dark (seven days and six nights to each day of creation). Each day is a period of increase in consciousness, and each night is a period of applying that consciousness.

The very first cycle started 16.4 billion years ago. It is called the Cellular Cycle. 16.4 billion years is divided into 13 different sections (each one of them is 1.26 billion years long) and each one of these 13 sections or “days” has a particular intention in creation.

The second cycle started 820 million years ago. It went through the same 13 steps except these were only 63.4 million years each.This cycle is called the Mammalian Cycle.

The third cycle started 41 million years ago and is called the Familial Cycle.

The fourth cycle started 2 million years ago and is called the Tribal Cycle.

The fifth cycle started 102,000 years ago and is called the Cultural Cycle.

The sixth cycle started 5,000 years ago and is called the National Cycle.

The seventh cycle started only 247 years ago and is called the Planetary Cycle.

The eighth cycle started January 4th, 1999 and is called the Galactic Cycle. Each step of this cycle is only 360 days long.

The ninth cycle begins on March 8th, 2011 and is called the Universal Cycle.

As you can see, the pattern accelerates. According to Ian Xel Lungold at Mayan Majix, each cycle of creation contains the same amount of advancement and change, but each cycle runs 20 times faster.

IMPORTANT NOTE – The ninth cycle of creation runs from March 8, 2011 to October 28, 2011. This makes October 28, 2011 the end of the Mayan Calendar, not December 21, 2012.


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The following is the prophecy of Peter Deunov regarding the end of our civilization and the beginning of the Golden Age on earth.

Also known under the spiritual name of Beinsa Douno, the Bulgarian Master
Peter Deunov (1864-1944) was a being of a very high level of consciousness,
at the same time an incomparable musician, that gave during his whole life
an example of purity, wisdom, intelligence and creativity. For years he was
established close to Sofia where he lived surrounded by numerous disciples,
he, by his radiance awakened the spirituality of thousands of souls in
Bulgaria as well as the rest of Europe.

Some days before his departure to the other world, he was in a profound
mediumistic trance, he made an extraordinary prophecy in regards to our
troubled epoch that we are crossing today, a prophecy about the “end of
time” and the coming of a new Golden Age of humanity.

Here is this deeply moving testament. It is current and so vibrant that one
doubts that these words were spoken almost 60 years ago.

“During the passage of time, the consciousness of man traversed a very long
period of obscurity. This phase which the Hindus call “Kali Yuga”, is on the
verge of ending. We find ourselves today at the frontier between two epochs:
that of Kali Yuga and that of the New Era that we are entering.

A gradual improvement is already occurring in the thoughts, sentiments and
acts of humans, but everybody will soon be subjugated to divine Fire, that
will purify and prepare them in regards to the New Era.. Thus man will raise
himself to a superior degree of consciousness, indispensable to his entrance
to the New Life. That is what one understands by “Ascension”.

Some decades will pass before this Fire will come, that will transform the
world by bringing it a new moral. This immense wave comes from cosmic space
and will inundate the entire earth. All those that attempt to oppose it will
be carried off and transferred elsewhere.

Although the inhabitants of this planet do not all find themselves at the
same degree of evolution, the new wave will be felt by each one of us. And
this transformation will not only touch the Earth, but the ensemble of the
entire Cosmos.

The best and only thing that man can do now is to turn towards God and
improve himself consciously, to elevate his vibratory level, so as to find
himself in harmony with the powerful wave that will soon submerge him.

The Fire of which I speak, that accompanies the new conditions offered to
our planet, will rejuvenate, purify, reconstruct everything: the matter will
be refined, your hearts will be liberated from anguish, troubles,
incertitude, and they will become luminous; everything will be improved,
elevated; the thoughts, sentiments and negative acts will be consumed and

Your present life is a slavery, a heavy prison. Understand your situation
and liberate yourself from it. I tell you this: exit from your prison! It is
really sorry to see so much misleading, so much suffering, so much
incapacity to understand where one’s true happiness lies.

Everything that is around you will soon collapse and disappear. Nothing will
be left of this civilization nor its perversity; the entire earth will be
shaken and no trace will be left of this erroneous culture that maintains
men under the yoke of ignorance. Earthquakes are not only mechanical
phenomen, their goal is also to awaken the intellect and the heart of
humans, so that they liberate themselves from their errors and their follies
and that they understand that they are not the only ones in the universe.

Our solar system is now traversing a region of the Cosmos where a
constellation that was destroyed left its mark, its dust. This crossing of a
contaminated space is a source of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of
the earth, but for all the inhabitants of the other planets of our galaxy.
Only the suns are not affected by the influence of this hostile environment.
This region is called “the thirteenth zone”; one also calls it “the zone of
contradictions”. Our planet was enclosed in this region for thousands of
years, but finally we are approaching the exit of this space of darkness and
we are on the point of attaining a more spiritual region, where more evolved
beings live.

The earth is now following an ascending movement and everyone should force
themselves to harmonize with the currents of the ascension. Those who refuse
to subjugate themselves to this orientation will lose the advantage of good
conditions that are offered in the future to elevate themselves. They will
remain behind in evolution and must wait tens of millions of years for the
coming of a new ascending wave.

The earth, the solar system, the universe, all are being put in a new
direction under the impulsion of Love. Most of you still consider Love as a
derisory force, but in reality, it is the greatest of all forces! Money and
power continue to be venerated as if the course of your life depended upon
it. In the future, all will be subjugated to Love and all will serve it. But
it is through suffering and difficulties that the consciousness of man will
be awakened.

The terrible predictions of the prophet Daniel written in the bible relate
to the epoch that is opening. There will be floods, hurricanes, gigantic
fires and earthquakes that will sweep away everything. Blood will flow in
abundance. There will be revolutions; terrible explosions will resound in
numerous regions of the earth. There where there is earth, water will come,
and there where there is water, earth will come. God is Love; yet we are
dealing here with a chastisement, a reply by Nature against the crimes
perpetrated by man since the night of time against his Mother; the Earth.

After these sufferings, those that will be saved, the elite, will know the
Golden Age, harmony and unlimited beauty. Thus keep your peace and your
faith when the time comes for suffering and terror, because it is written
that not a hair will fall from the head of the just. Don’t be discouraged,
simply follow your work of personal perfection.

You have no idea of the grandiose future that awaits you. A New Earth will
soon see day. In a few decades the work will be less exacting, and each one
will have the time to consecrate spiritual, intellectual and artistic
activities. The question of rapport between man and woman will be finally
resolved in harmony; each one having the possibility of following their
aspirations. The relations of couples will be founded on reciprocal respect
and esteem. Humans will voyage through the different planes of space and
breakthrough intergalactic space. They will study their functioning and will
rapidly be able to know the Divine World, to fusion with the Head of the

The New Era is that of the sixth race. Your predestination is to prepare
yourself for it, to welcome it and to live it. The sixth race will build
itself around the idea of Fraternity. There will be no more conflicts of
personal interests; the single aspiration of each one will be to conform
himself to the Law of Love. The sixth race will be that of Love. A new
continent will be formed for it. It will emerge from the Pacific, so that
the Most High can finally establish His place on this planet.

The founders of this new civilization, I call them “Brothers of Humanity” or
also “Children of Love” They will be unshakeable for the good and they will
represent a new type of men. Men will form a family, as a large body, and
each people will represent an organ in this body. In the new race, Love will
manifest in such a perfect manner, that today’s man can only have a very
vague idea.

The earth will remain a terrain favourable to struggle, but the forces of
darkness will retreat and the earth will be liberated from them. Humans
seeing that there is no other path will engage themselves to the path of the
New Life, that of salvation. In their senseless pride, some will, to the end
hope to continue on earth a life that the Divine Order condemns, but each
one will finish by understanding that the direction of the world doesn’t
belong to them.

A new culture will see the light of day, it will rest on three principal
foundations: the elevation of woman, the elevation of the meek and humble,
and the protection of the rights of man.

The light, the good, and justice will triumph; it is just a question of
time. The religions should be purified. Each contains a particle of the
Teaching of the Masters of Light, but obscured by the incessant supply of
human deviation. All the believers will have to unite and to put themselves
in agreement with one principle, that of placing Love as the base of all
belief, whatever it may be. Love and Fraternity that is the common base!

The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of Cosmic
Electricity. A few decades from now beings who are bad and lead others
astray will not be able to support their intensity. They will thus be
absorbed by Cosmic Fire that will consume the bad that they possess. Then
they will repent because it is written that “each flesh shall glorify God”.

Our mother, the earth, will get rid of men that don’t accept the New Life.
She will reject them like damaged fruit. They will soon not be able to
reincarnate on this planet; criminals included. Only those that possess Love
in them will remain.

There is not any place on earth that is not dirtied with human or animal
blood; she must therefore submit to a purification. And it is for this that
certain continents will be immersed while others will surface.

Men do not suspect to what dangers they are menaced by. They continue to
pursue futile objectives and to seek pleasure. On the contrary those of the
sixth race will be conscious of the dignity of their role and respectful of
each one’s liberty. They will nourish themselves exclusively from products
of the vegetal realm. Their ideas will have the power to circulate freely as
the air and light of our days.
The words “If you are not born again.” apply to the sixth race. Read Chapter
60 of Isaiah it relates to the coming of the sixth race the Race of Love.

After the Tribulations, men will cease to sin and will find again the path
of virtue. The climate of our planet will be moderated everywhere and brutal
variations will no longer exist. The air will once again become pure, the
same for water. The parasites will disappear. Men will remember their
previous incarnations and they will feel the pleasure of noticing that they
are finally liberated from their previous condition.

In the same manner that one gets rid of the parasites and dead leaves on the
vine, so act the evolved Beings to prepare men to serve the God of Love.
They give to them good conditions to grow and to develop themselves, and to
those that want to listen to them, they say: “Do not be afraid! Still a
little more time and everything will be all right; you are on the good path.
May he that wants to enter in the New Culture study, consciously work and

Thanks to the idea of Fraternity, the earth will become a blessed place, and
that will not wait. But before, great sufferings will be sent to awaken the
consciousness. Sins accumulated for thousands of years must be redeemed. The
ardent wave emanating from On High will contribute in liquidating the karma
of peoples..

The liberation can no longer be postponed. Humanity must prepare itself for
great trials that are inescapable and are coming to bring an end to egoism.
Under the earth, something extraordinary is preparing itself. A revolution
that is grandiose and completely inconceivable will manifest itself soon in
nature. God has decided to redress the earth, and He will do it!

It is the end of an epoch; a new order will substitute the old, an order in
which Love will reign on earth.”

Peter Deunov “Propos on the Future” – 1944

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John Haines is the author of In Search of Simplicity: A True Story that Changes Lives, a startlingly poignant and inspiring real-life endorsement of the power of thought, belief and synchronicity in one’s life.

wonder esoteric

I received this in my inbox this morning and would like to share it here. I wrote in In Search of Simplicity of the travels and studies of Jesus in the East in the lost 18 years of the New Testament. Patricia Diane Cotes-Robles confirms that observation and much more below.

We live in auspicious times. Follow your guidance. Live your dreams. Be the change you want to see in the world.



THE WONDER OF IT ALL – Part 2 of 2
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Numerically 2009 is an eleven year. Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine. This year has involved the greatest influx of Light that Humanity has experienced since we first fell from Grace aeons ago.

In February, during the Sun Cycle of Aquarius, we experienced the specific celestial events that we had been told would herald our official entrance into the Age of Aquarius. Spiritual astrologers confirmed that this specific alignment did not occur for 1,000 years before or 1,000 years after the alignment that took place in February 2009. This event opened a portal that allowed the greatest influx of the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame that Humanity has ever been able to receive. The Seventh Angel is now sounding his Cosmic Tones throughout the Universe, and the mystery of God is being fulfilled.

During the summer of 2009, many events took place to pave the way for the miracles that were destined to occur in August. During the Solstice, June 21, 2009, our Central Sun, our physical Sun, and our entire Solar System experienced a quantum shift. This shift resulted in raising the energy, vibration, and consciousness of every particle and wave of Life evolving within this system. This increased frequency of 5th-Dimensional Solar Light activated the pre-encoded memories within Humanity’s RNA and DNA structures. These newly activated codes reflect the full potential of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within every Human Being.

On July 7th, we experienced a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This was the first in a series of three eclipses. Spiritual astrologers acknowledged that the effects of these eclipses would be profound and life changing for both Humanity and Planet Earth. The planetary alignments associated with the July 7th eclipse empowered the manifestation of the Divine Masculine and greatly enhanced the masculine momentum of Divine Love. This is an aspect of the Divine Masculine that has been suppressed for a very long time.

On July 22nd, there was a very powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse. This was also the day that is celebrated as Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day. Mary Magdalene represents the Love Nature of Christ Consciousness, and she has held the sacred space for the return and balance of the Divine Feminine for millennia. On that day, the newly empowered Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within every man, woman, and child on Earth were raised into the highest frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Solar Light that we were able to endure. This was the initial impulse of the Transfiguration of the masses of Humanity from 4th-Dimensional carbon-based Human Beings into 5th-Dimensional crystalline-based Solar Light Beings.

With the fulfillment of that activity of Light, Humanity’s creative faculties of thought and feeling were greatly enhanced. This critical event occurred in perfect synchronicity for the next phase of the Divine Plan, which involved a global activity of Light called “Fire the Grid.” This was a moment in time during which hundreds of thousands of people all over the world joined together in consciousness for one hour to empower the patterns of perfection for the New Earth in whatever way our I AM Presence guided us to do.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

On August 6th, we experienced the final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in this series. This eclipse intensified all of the incredible activities of Light that had taken place since the initial impulse of 2009, and it paved the way for the monumental influx of Light that was to take place during the 22nd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence.

Twenty-two is the master number that reflects power on all planes, and the ability to change the course of history.  The multifaceted, multidimensional aspects of the unfolding Divine Plan were all in place, and Humanity and the Company of Heaven were standing in readiness awaiting the events that would change our lives forever.

On August 15th, a day dedicated to Beloved Mother Mary, the Opening Ceremonies for the 23rd Annual World Congress on Illumination commenced. This event was held in Tucson, Arizona, within the portal of the most powerful forcefield of healing available on the planet. This is the portal through which the Emerald Green and Violet Flames of Healing through the Power of Infinite Transmutation are projected from the Core of Creation into the Heart of Mother Earth. With approximately 700 people physically present and hundreds of thousands joining with us in consciousness from around the world, Humanity was invested with a Gift of Love from our Mother God.

During these Divine Ceremonies, our Mother God and the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout Infinity projected their luminous Presence into the atmosphere of Earth. Our Mother God’s cohesive power of Divine Love filled our Chalice of Light, which Lightworkers around the world created through the unification of our Heart Flames. This Chalice of Light is a pulsating crystalline Lotus blossom that envelops the entire planet and cradles the Earth and all her Life in its embrace.

the_wonder_of_it_allAs the cohesive power of Divine Love from our Mother God and the Feminine Aspects of Deity filled our Chalice, the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth took command. Through this aspect of our own Divinity, every person was raised into a profound awakening of supreme Love consciousness.

This activity of Divine Intervention lifted every person on Earth into a higher octave of Divine Service. Every soul was invested with a Cosmic Forcefield of Divine Love, which initiated each one into a Higher Order of Service to the Light. This completed the lessons of the First Initiation, which we had each been learning in our finer bodies during the past 12-month cycle. This was our graduation. It was the God Victorious accomplishment of our initiation into Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life. Everything that we learned about Oneness and the Reverence for Life is recorded in our Etheric Bodies. This sacred knowledge will surface into our conscious minds and experiences as we integrate these Truths into the physical plane.

Sometimes when we try to grasp the magnitude of these events, we become overwhelmed with what we perceive to be the reality of the physical plane. We look at all of Humanity’s flawed behavior and our human frailties, and it seems impossible that these wondrous things could be happening for every single person. So for clarity, I would like to briefly reiterate what the Company of Heaven has revealed to us time and again.

We are all multidimensional Beings, and our various levels of consciousness exist in many frequencies of Light at the same time. The Company of Heaven has said that out of all of the dimensions we abide in, the physical plane is the least real. It is also the very last dimension to reflect the changes that we are cocreating.

No matter how oblivious a person may be of his or her Divinity, every person is a Beloved Child of God, which means that all that our Father-Mother God have is ours. We are One. We are interconnected, interdependent, and interrelated. What affects one of us affects all of us. The Universal Law is, “As I AM lifted up, ALL Life is lifted up with me.”

In addition to these Truths, there has been a massive awakening since Harmonic Convergence, and we have reached a critical mass of Lightworkers on this planet. This has created an upward rush of energy, vibration, and consciousness involving every particle of Life on Earth. This increase in our vibratory rate has allowed the I AM Presence of every person to intervene in his or her life in ways that we have not experienced since our fall from Grace.

The Divine Intervention by every person’s I AM Presence is creating an unstoppable shift, which is accelerating our Ascension into the 5th Dimension. This process involves every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life evolving on this planet, which of course includes every man, woman, and child.

Everything that is manifesting on Earth is the result of Humanity’s thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. All of these things were first created in the Realms of Cause. Then as Humanity focused our attention on these thoughtforms and feelings, they were magnetized into the physical plane-the world of effects.

The miraculous events that I am sharing with you have been victoriously accomplished in the Realms of Cause. Now it is our responsibility to magnetize the results of these miracles into the physical plane.

The good news is, that once something has been successfully accomplished in the Realms of Cause NOTHING can prevent it from manifesting on Earth. The only variable is how long that will take, which is strictly up to you and me and every other evolving soul on this planet. The speed with which we begin to tangibly experience the patterns of perfection for the New Earth and Humanity’s transformation into Christ Consciousness will depend on how dedicated we are in focusing on those patterns of perfection and the glorious acts of Divine Intervention that have been accomplished by our I AM Presence.

Now, I will continue. Interestingly, a few years ago Drunvalo Melchizedek shared with Humanity a prophecy that had been revealed to him by a New Zealand Waitaha elder. The prophecy predicted that there would come a pivotal moment in history that would change Humanity’s course of direction. It said that moment would occur on August 15, 2009. The prophecy states that the event may not be known publicly, but that it would be the beginning of a new human dream. The dream would be almost identical to the Mayan belief that the Heavens will open, and our Brothers and Sisters of the Universe will reveal themselves.

On August 16, 2009, Humanity received another very powerful gift from the Silent Watcher for Planet Earth. This powerful Being is known as Immaculata. Silent Watchers are magnificent Feminine Beings who serve Life under the direction of the Elohim, the Builders of Form. Their purpose is to hold the Immaculate Concept-the Divine Blueprint-for whatever facet of Life they are asked to assist. On this special day, Immaculata fulfilled the directives of the Elohim by stationing one of the Silent Watchers from her Regal Court in the aura of every Human Being evolving on Earth. These selfless servants of our Father-Mother God have volunteered to remain in our auras, and to hold the Immaculate Concept for our Transfiguration into our crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies, until this process is complete.

After the Silent Watchers had taken their strategic positions in every person’s aura, Humanity experienced a powerful healing at an atomic cellular level. This healing accelerated the transformation of Humanity’s carbon-based cells into the crystalline-based cells of our 5th-Dimensional Solar Light Bodies. This assisted each of us further up the spiral of evolution. This healing allowed our I AM Presence to integrate deeper into our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies, thus preparing us for the miracle that would take place the following day.

August 17, 2009, was the 22nd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence. The monumental influx of Light that catapulted Humanity forward in our awakening process in 1987 had been building in momentum for 22 years. Once again, 22 is the master number that reflects power on all planes, and the ability to change the course of history. With the incredible shifts of vibration that had been God Victoriously accomplished since the beginning of 2009, and the sacred gifts that had been bestowed upon Humanity during the previous two days, every man, woman, and child was in the perfect position to be called into the Upper Room, a higher state of Divine Consciousness.

In a Divine Ceremony of Light, the I AM Presence of every person evolving on Earth stepped to the fore and took full dominion of each one’s Earthly bodies. The gifts that had been given to Humanity over the past two days had been assimilated, the healing was complete, and all was in readiness.

Through the I AM Presence, and within the elevated consciousness of the Upper Room, every person consecrated his or her life to the path of Oneness and Divine Love, which is the only way back to the Heart of our Father-Mother God. In that higher state of consciousness, every person opened his or her heart and from the depths of their Being invoked a Baptism of the Holy Spirit-a Baptism by Sacred Fire from our Mother God.

In that instant, the masses of Humanity experienced through their I AM Presence the transformation that the Disciples experienced on Pentecost. In the Realms of Cause, Humanity’s right-brain hemispheres were brought into perfect balance with our left-brain hemispheres, our spiritual brain centers were activated, and our Crown Chakras were opened to full breadth.

In that miraculous instant, the masses of Humanity reversed the adverse affects of our fall from Grace. We reclaimed our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. In the Realms of Cause, we are now experiencing Christ Consciousness; we are the Christ grown to full stature. We are the only begotten Sons and Daughters of God. This has been our Divine Potential from the moment we were first breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God.

On August 18th, the Lightworkers gathered at the World Congress on Illumination were still assimilating the wonder and awe of the previous day when we were blessed with another miracle.

As the Christ within the masses of Humanity began the initial impulse of projecting itself from the Realms of Cause into the heart and mind of each soul, our Father-Mother God invested us with a Gift of Divine Love beyond our comprehension. On the Cosmic Tones of their Inbreath and Outbreath, our God Parents sent forth a clarion call invoking their Beloved Son Jesus to come forth from the Great, Great Silence.

With glory and splendor beyond what I am able to communicate with words, Beloved Jesus descended into the atmosphere of Earth. In response to the unified heart call from the I AM Presence of a newly Baptized and Christed Humanity, Jesus projected his luminous Presence into the Heart of Mother Earth. Then in an explosion of Light, he expanded his luminous Presence until the Earth and all Life evolving upon her were cradled within the Flame of Divinity in his Sacred Heart.

Now that the masses of Humanity have, through our own endeavors and the Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence, reclaimed our full potential as Sons and Daughters of God, Jesus is able to assist us in integrating the Christ within. He cannot do this for us, but he has volunteered to hold the Earth and all Humanity within the sacred space of his Heart Flame until we become the Christ grown to full stature in the physical world of form. For each of us to be held within this sacred space, is an incomparable act of Divine Grace. It is an expression of Divine Forgiveness beyond what we have earned in this present moment.

On August 19th, we were asked by the Company of Heaven to join forces with them for the most intensified cleansing by the Emerald Green and Violet Flames of Healing through the Power of Infinite Transmutation that the Earth and Humanity were capable of enduring.

Saint Germain is the incredible Being of Light who will guide Humanity through the evolutionary steps of the Aquarian Age for the next 2,000 years. On this day, he invoked Archangel Zadkiel and the Legions of the Emerald Green and Violet Flames to come and assist the Children of God with this activity of Light. These magnificent Angels traversed the Earth north, south, east, and west as they assumed their positions in every location on the planet.

Beloved Jesus then breathed the Breath of the Holy Spirit through his Sacred Heart, and expanded it through the Heart Chakra of every person on Earth. This opened our Heart Chakras to new breadths, and accelerated the integration of our Christ Presence. When the Breath of the Holy Spirit expanded through our hearts, it pushed to the surface the things in both our individual and our collective lives that were blocking the integration of our Solar Light Bodies, and the things preventing the manifestation of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. As these patterns of imperfection surfaced around the world, the Legions of the Emerald Green and Violet Flames transmuted them with the power and might of a thousand Suns back into their original perfection. The Company of Heaven confirmed that this purging resulted in the most profound healing the Earth and Humanity have ever experienced. That unprecedented cleansing cleared the way for the final activity of Light in this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan, which would take place the next day.

On August 20th, we experienced the Closing Ceremonies for this sacred and holy week. This activity of Light resulted in the maximum acceleration that Cosmic Law would allow for the Transfiguration of Humanity’s carbon-based Earthly bodies in to our crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies. This accelerated Transfiguration also occurred within the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth.

First the Lords of Power and Protection from the Great, Great Central Sun descended into the atmosphere of Earth. They projected their luminous Presence into all of the vulnerable areas in the body of Mother Earth in order to prevent any cataclysmic backlash from this acceleration of crystalline Light. These majestic Beings entered all of the cracks, faults, fissures, and tectonic plates in the Earth. They also projected their luminous Presence into all of the wounds that had been created in her body through mining, drilling for oil, and nuclear testing.

After the vulnerable areas within the body of Mother Earth were secured, the Directors of the Elements took their positions at the cardinal points. The Directors of the Air Element were to the North, the Directors of the Water Element were to the East, the Directors of the Earth Element were to the South, the Directors of the Fire Element were to the West, and the Directors of the Ether Element were within the Sun of Even Pressure in the center of the Earth. These Beings of Light enveloped the Elemental Beings associated with the air, water, earth, fire, and ether in an invincible forcefield of protection.

Then Beloved Jesus called forth the newly reclaimed Christ Presence within the Heart Flame of every man, woman, and child and enveloped each one in an intensified forcefield of his Protective Love. This prepared us to safely withstand the influx of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Light that was about to be infused into the carbon-based atomic and subatomic particles and waves of every facet of Life on Earth.

When all was in readiness, the influx of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light began. This Light from the Heart of our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM, All That Is, flowed through the Divinity pulsating in every person’s heart and penetrated deep into the core of purity in every electron of precious Life energy evolving on Earth. This influx of Light and the resulting acceleration of energy, vibration, and consciousness moved the Earth and all her Life a quantum leap up the spiral of evolution.

Now we understand what the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth meant when they said that 2009 would be a turning point. Now we know why it will be the year that is referred to throughout the Ages as the Cosmic Moment when the masses of Humanity changed our course of direction and reclaimed our Divine Birthright as Beloved Sons and Daughters of God. 

With the victory of these events, it is time for the next level of Humanity’s Earthly experience. Humanity has reclaimed Christ Consciousness, and now we are responsible for expressing that aspect of our Divinity with our every thought, word, feeling, and action. Let’s all begin by recognizing the Divinity in every person with whom we come in contact. Let’s respond with Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life to every person, place, condition, and thing that presents itself to us in this school of learning. After all, at any given moment our life is merely reflecting the results of our past thoughts, words, feelings and actions. We are cocreating our reality in this physical plane. Let’s cocreate through the consciousness of the Christ that is now pulsating within all of us.

Namaste—the Divinity within me acknowledges the Divinity within you.   And so it is.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization


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