I’ve been watching the campaign of the New Zealand Ministry of Health to vaccinate tens of thousands of children in the North against meningococcal C. The campaign is aided and abetted by all the newspapers of the area with headline after headline creating fear in parents and hence the perceived need to have their children immunized. I feel I have to say something.

Twice in my life I’ve contracted spinal meningitis, once at age 4 and again at 28. I was fortunate to survive the second time after ending up in a coma in an isolated Norwegian town. Both times the disease followed vaccinations. Is this a coincidence?

If we believe the press, New Zealand has had an epidemic of spinal meningitis since 1991. That’s the very year the MMR vaccine was introduced here. Is this a coincidence?

There’s a Canadian doctor causing ripples if not tidal waves in the ocean of mainstream medicine today. He claims every vaccine causes a tiny stroke in the person receiving it. He says the effects of these vaccine-induced strokes are cumulative. Dr. Andrew Moulden has traced the clotting blood, common in the metabolism after vaccination, to brain damage in many children.

 A. True Ott, PhD, ND has written a convincing treatise claiming that all pandemics in the last hundred years have been induced by vaccines. The list includes the 1918 flu pandemic, polio (the ONLY cases of recorded polio in the modern era have immediately followed vaccinations), the 1976 “Swine Flu” Fiasco, AIDS and “Gulf War Syndrome”. For more detail see: https://insearchofsimplicity.com/2009/09/02/all-modern-pandemics-are-caused-by-vaccine-needles/

The medical community, supported by the pharmaceutical companies that make untold billions from vaccines, claims vaccinations have eradicated all sorts of killer diseases from the earth. Yet study after independent study show that the arrival of the vaccine followed the decline of the disease. The same studies and others demonstrate conclusively that cleanliness, hygiene and improved living conditions actually eliminated the diseases. London experienced seven major cholera outbreaks in the 1800s at a time when the inhabitants of that city lived in filth and squalor. Cholera is still found today in places with similar filthy living conditions. Polio too is a water-borne disease and it disappeared in America when chlorinated water filtration plants were introduced in the early 1960s.

Do you remember the hype of the 2009 Swine Flu? There was a time when it was being considered to vaccinate every man, woman and child in America against this disease. When NY State instituted compulsory swine flu vaccinations for health care workers did these same workers say, “Thank you?” No, they rose up in unison and marched at the state capital in Albany in protest. If they felt so strongly about being immunized how should the general public feel? More on that here: http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php/usnews/health-care/2081-swine-flu-seizures

In 2009 the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. (the very company providing the current vaccine) and a subsidiary agreed to pay a record US $2.3 billion penalty for illegally promoting certain of their drugs.

Would you trust the health of your child with a company such as this?

The data about the current vaccine can be found here:


Please note that the vaccine contains aluminium phosphate, a known neurotoxin. Note also that what is termed “effectiveness” is really the effectiveness of the vaccine to produce antibodies in those who have been given the vaccine. The data sheet mentions that the vaccine has not been tested for “protective efficacy”, which is unrelated to how effective the vaccine is in producing antibodies. In other words the vaccine has not been tested as to its ability to prevent the disease.

Our two daughters, now age 19 and 16, have never been vaccinated. They have also never had to visit a doctor nor has either of them ever taken so much as an aspirin. Granted, they’ve each had the occasional cold or flu. But nothing that rest, plenty of fluids and natural remedies wouldn’t heal. Our family is only one of many in the Far North that have done independent research and decided not to vaccinate. The children in these families are unquestionably healthy. Likewise there are many children in our area who have suffered irreparable damage from vaccines with symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue to autism and death.

In the deliberate manufactured hype of today I urge you to use common sense and avoid having your precious children subjected to any dangerous vaccinations. And remember, as Dr. Moulden says, they’re all dangerous to some degree. One recent article in the Advocate stated that “up to 15 per cent of people carry the bacteria that cause meningococcal disease in their nose and throat. The national deputy director of public health, Darren Hunt, stated: “In some people, for reasons we don’t fully understand, this bacteria go on to cause disease . . .” Really! Each of us has an immune system designed to protect us from illness. This immune system works optimally when supported by a healthy diet comprised of mostly organic, fresh local produce. The immune system is compromised by unnatural threats such as vaccinations, additives in processed foods, the incredible amounts of sugar contained in fizzy drinks and the chemical sprays used in agriculture (such as is used in the orchard right beside Taipa Area School.)

I’ll conclude with the words of the aforementioned Dr. Andrew Moulden (for more from Dr. Moulden see http://vactruth.com:80/2009/07/21/dr-andrew-moulden-interview-what-you-were-never-told-about-vaccines/

“We do not need to vaccinate for all the pathogens on earth, since all pathogens are inducing disease and death and disability via a singular common set of mechanism. It is these mechanism that need to be addressed on an as needed basis. This is now do-able. It always was. Louis Pasteur’s germ theory was just that – a theory. His contemporaries, Dr. Antoine Beachamp and Dr. Rudolph Virchow were closer to the truth as to the cause of disease. Remarkably, this means that much of what we are doing in western medicine is wrong – we have been practicing medicine in a state of confusing cause and effect and causing more harm, globally, than good…for over 200 years!”


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