One day, a boy says to his father, “Dad, will you run a marathon with me?” And his father says yes.

They run their first marathon together. Again, the son asks, “Dad, will you run a marathon with me?” And his father says, “Yes, my son.”

One day, the son asks his father, “Dad, will you run the Ironman with me?”

The Ironman is the most challenging triathlon there is: swimming for 4 km, biking for 180 km and running for 42 km.

And the father replies, “Yes.”

The story seems simple… Until you watch the video of the race…

 I highly recommend viewing this. When Lucia and I watched it the first time last night it brought tears to our eyes. When we watched it a second time it again brought tears to our eyes AND  the cookies in the oven burnt!



John Haines is the author of In Search of Simplicity: A True Story that Changes Lives, a startlingly poignant and inspiring real-life endorsement of the power of thought, belief and synchronicity in one’s life. 

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