Stunning Colours and Moon

Disease is a result of congestion. Healing is a result of circulation.

                                                ― Florence Scovel Shinn


A poet went to a doctor and complained of all kinds of symptoms. The doctor examined the poet and asked him, “When was the last time you recited your poetry?”

The poet thought for a moment and answered, “Several months ago.”

“Then please recite your favorite new poem for me,” the doctor requested.

The patient arose and gave a compelling recitation.  The doctor repeated the request, and the patient recited several more poems.

 “How do you feel now?” asked the doctor.

             “I feel wonderful,” he announced.

            “Good, “the doctor responded. “Now go home and keep expressing yourself. Stifling yourself made you ill.”

            Self-expression is a vital element of healing. Oriental medicine is based on the flow of chi, or life force. We are all endowed with life force at birth, and it is renewed each morning after we rest. If we keep that force moving, we remain healthy and happy, our natural state. If we block that life force or pinch it off, we become stagnant and ill. This applies to physical movement of life force, as well as intellectual, emotional, and spiritual movement.

            If you feel stuck in your body, relationship, or work, ask yourself where and how you could and would like to move more life force. In the case of the poet above, he was not expressing his gifts and his passion. When he did, his physical symptoms disappeared, because, as Richard Bach notes, “Your body is your thoughts in a form you can see.”

            You were born to be and do certain things. As you are true to your nature, well-being lines up in your favor.


In what way(s) has your life force becomes pinched off or stifled?

How could you move it so you feel better and create more success?


I am here to live, love, and express my true self and my gifts. I let my life force flow.

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