Peter Grassby in the Mangonui Hall

More Mischief and Mayhem in Mangonui

Mangonui Céilí co-founder Fiona McGrory describes him as a ‘one-stop shop for entertainment.’ U.K. based Pete Grassby—consummate singer, songwriter, recording artist, accordion repairer, Morris dancer and dance caller—is back in New Zealand for his annual tour. He’ll be joined by one of his U.K. bands, Grasshoppers, for the Auckland folk festival later this month. Several years ago he toured Aotearoa with another of his bands, Aardvarks. One wonders what he would call a New Zealand band should he dare to establish one. Sand Flies?

This entertainer extraordinaire will be hosting the next Céilí (‘Kay-lee’) at the Mangonui Hall on the waterfront on Saturday, January 21st. The Céilí begins at 7.30pm. But be sure to get there early. It is always standing room only when Pete Grassby hosts a céilí. Not only will Mr. Grassby call an oft-humorous variety of dances and play melodeon, he’ll sing a song or three. Grassby’s wit and charm ensure that everyone, including those who just come along to watch, have a great time. Pete Grassby will be backed up for this céilí by the regular talented Mangonui Céilí band, Spootiskerry Spraoi, affectionately called ‘Spoots.’ Admission is, as always, $3 per adult plus a plate for supper. Accompanied children are free.

Pete Grassby is available for gigs and house parties, as well as repairs of squeeze boxes during his limited time in the Far North and can be contacted at

To purchase Pete’s CDs contact him by email as well.

Here’s the complete interview:

And here are three of the six tracks we played in the interview:

Trowie Byrn (John Stickle)  Track 12 on Cilan:

Nan’s Waltz (Pat Shuldham Shaw) Track 3 on Malvern Hills:

Scarborough Fair (Traditional arranged by Pete Grassby) Track 5 on Cilan


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