Here is a mantra suggested by Archangel Michael August 17, 1999 through Ronna Herman in the USA. I have worked with this on and off in the years since receiving it and I am happy to share it with you now:


‘I have all the resources I need and desire to be comfortable and to assist me in fulfilling my divine mission. I live in the perfect place to nourish my spirit and my physical, mental and emotional bodies. Abundance flows to me and through me as I hold it lightly in my hands and allow it to flow out into the world to constantly be replenished. All my desires, needs and wishes are fulfilled even before I am aware of them. My timing is perfect in making decisions and taking action. I always listen to and follow my Spirit in every endeavour; therefore my decisions and actions are for the highest good of all. I cherish and nurture our Mother Earth and she cherishes and supports me. I radiate love and blessings to all and they are returned to me tenfold. My world is filled with love, joy, beauty, peace and comfort always.’


Affirm these words daily and watch the magic unfold in your life. For more on the wonderful work Ronna is doing and to gain access to how to find your mission on this planet at this special time visit her website at:


Love and blessings,



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