I have been overwhelmed by best wishes for my birthday last Sunday. I thought I’d make a short post as a way of thanking all those who wished me well. Your thoughts and intentions are appreciated.

In a way my birthday started early with a joyful night of dancing and music at our monthly Ceili. It was, in fact, the fourth birthday of the Ceili (pronounced Kay-Lee) and because my birthday was the next day, I was asked to blow out the candles on the huge chocolate cake commemorating four years of Ceilis in Mangonui. The cake was covered with green icing in keeping with the St Patrick’s Day Theme.

Sunday (my actual birthday) I called dances for a mini-Ceili held outside in nearby Kerikeri for a group of Baha’i friends celebrating the Baha’i New Year after the end of their annual fasting time. It was just as well the fast was over because Lucia and I had brought along the half of the green-iced cake that hadn’t been eaten the night before.

Rainbow Falls Kerikeri

Next we had a lovely walk through a eucalyptus forest down to the Basin in Kerikeri before joining some other dear friends for an autumn equinox celebration. This involved simple song, dance, ritual and the sharing of home-grown and prepared food. Lucia and I were joined on the day by a New Zealand man who’s recently returned to his homeland after many years overseas running yoga retreat centres in Wales, Greece and beyond. It was lovely to share my birthday with a like-minded soul and new friend.

So, it was a great birthday spent doing the things I love—singing, dancing, walking, sharing… It doesn’t get better than this.

I, of course, received some birthday cards. The one from our eldest daughter touched me. It was a handmade card with a beautiful hibiscus flower on it. She wrote, ‘I hope you like the card; the hibiscus reminded me of you, as you always used to pick them and put them on my pillow.’ Our actions and intentions return to us. Lovely!


Kerikeri Basin

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