The following words recently arrived in my inbox from the co-convenors of the New Zealand Green party.

Mojo Mathers

Mojo Mathers joins six other new Green MPs in Parliament as our newest MP.  Many of you will know Mojo for her outstanding work as the Greens Strategic Policy Advisor for many years, and she was a key member of the Campaign Committee in 2008. As a deaf person who lives and breathes green issues she will be a strong advocate for inclusion for everyone.   You can read Mojo’s full biography here:

Our final percentage of the party vote was 11.1%, up from 10.6% on election night, which is an outstanding achievement for our Party after 12 years in Parliament.  While the low turnout is a concern, our level of support represents a critical tipping point, delivering a strong clear Green voice in the new Parliament and a powerful platform on which to build our future support.

In response to strong feedback from members in 2010, our Party set a 10% vote target for this election and we have more than reached it! We can all take pride in what we have achieved together.  Our late co-leader Rod Donald was a strong advocate of aiming at 10% and beyond and he would also be very proud of this year’s Green party vote.

In practice, there is still a 121 seat Parliament and National is still able to form a government with ACT and United Future.  They will however need either (i) both of United Future and ACT, or (ii) the Maori Party, to secure a majority, which may moderate some extremes.  Some of you may wonder about appointing a speaker – in an MMP Parliament that doesn’t affect the balance of votes.


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