This fascinating Voices from the North interview is with a man who prefers to be called just Doug. It is of his story with alcohol. It will open a few eyes. Both his mother and stepfather were in Alcoholics Anonymous so the tendency and the solution were there for Doug from the start. By high school he was drinking almost daily. Today he is living alcohol free and has dedicated his life to serving others with similar problems.

Listen to this inspiring interview for insight into the heart and soul of an alcoholic and the ability of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Step Program to help those who are ready to help themselves.

Doug tells his story with refreshing honesty and he tells the story of how Alcoholics Anonymous began in a clear and accessible way. Listen to the complete interview below:

Alcoholics Anonymous has extraordinary success rate because it is spiritually based. It acknowledges that alcoholism is an allergy of the body and a compulsion of the mind. As Doug so clearly set me right, the will is not involved. The alcoholic accepts the need to hand his life over to a higher power because he can’t fix himself on his own. He’s asked the question, ‘Do you believe God could help if asked?’ If the answer is ‘Yes,’ then its time to ask.

The individual needs to make a thorough moral inventory. She needs to sit down with God and another person and turn over every stone and then express her willingness to allow God to accept her defects of character. A list of everyone harmed needs to be made and restitution attempted. This is critical. One of AA’s founders, Dr. Bob Smith of Akron, Ohio tried to go without restitution and it didn’t work.

Each person needs to review their day. Have they hurt, harmed or humiliated anyone? This is a form of continually auditing oneself. Upon awakening meditation and prayer is done to free me from myself or the ego.

And finally, the twelfth step involves carrying the message to other people. What has been given freely is passed on freely. The ability of the alcoholic to free himself from the compulsion to drink is partly brought about by helping others. Doug passed on the message beautifully in our interview. I look forward to his return to the show in the future.

Alcoholics Anonymous has something like twelve million members worldwide. Look in your phone for a toll free number to contact an AA chapter near you.

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