Here John Haines gives an amazing example of a synchronicity he experienced with Yeshi Dhonden, the great Tibetan doctor in northern India.


Radiate Love Radio. Listen as John is interviewed  
by Brian Schrokosch
 This interview took place in December, 2008 




It has been my great pleasure to get to know Phil Davis, developer of Authors on the Net, this last while. Listen to the two interviews I did recently with Phil. Please don’t misinterpret what I just wrote. Phil interviewed me, not visa versa. 


In the first 30 minute interview, I speak on my book, In Search of Simplicity, and about living simply in a seemingly complex world.


In the second 30 minute instalment, I elaborate on the journey I’ve made to get the book published and the experiences I’ve had with promoting the book and developing an author platform so far. February 2009 




Here’s a fun, five minute interview that Eileen Kapa of DBFR makes with the author as he speaks about In Search of Simplicity and some of the bigger questions of life the book endeavours to answer. This was made as a small part of a Far North book launch and book signing tour in March, 2009. 




Here’s the link to the interview I had on Morning X, Friday, March 20, 2009 beginning at 11.15 am:

For the blog on this fascinating interview click here.




Until You Walk the Path, You Don’t Know Where it Goes. This one hour interview was made April, 13, 2009 with Theresa Chaze:




 You Tube Book Trailer:




United We Sing Video:




The Secrets to Life with Mick Reid June 6. 2009:




Karen Kinsey speaks with me July 20, 2009 about turning tragedy into opportunity on her Spirit Quest Radio Show: Meta Stories:




The Passions and Possibilities Project with Sue Oliver September 4, 2009 




Synchronicity Radio with Marie Bernard September 11, 2009. The phone connection and hence my sound quality was poor (it was raining here) but the content was good – all about love:






In Search of Simplicity

is now available in e-format for only $11.99.

Here’s the link. 


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