John Haines is the “stuff ” that non imposing spiritual and life teachers are composed of.


A real life “outside the box” history and a here and now personality that highlight the

“not so boring” simple life.


All too often the question about a simple life implies to many people something “boring or limited”:


As you read the many colorful accounts of John Haines’ true story you find that he has all the color and verve and life experience of an Indiana Jones.


Most often our desire to live life to the fullest in depth and breadth and abundance and experience makes us ignore the fact that truly we can lead a simple and yet simply incredible life authentically in our own unique style.


There are no rules here but being healthy-wealthy and wise and most of all happy!


Spread the word about this book to your friends and if possible write a review on Amazon.

Make a vote for supporting the brave adventurers like John Haines in making an incredible life “simple”.


Elan Sun Star Photographer-Writer-Teacher, Hawaii



“………..interesting captivating and thought provoking …..A great read and a great author. You won’t and can’t put it down!’


Jenny Hamberger


Hi John,

I have just finished the book! I have thoroughly enjoyed every word, sentence and paragraph!

It was an inspiration to read of how you ‘let go’ so often and allowed the synchronistic energy to step in and let it do its work. It has been a timely reminder for me to let go and allow the same! I have come away from reading your book feeling  enthused about life’s journey and with the realisation that I had let my enthusiasm become a little faded and hidden by the ‘trappings’ of our day to day life!

I must say it has also reignited my travellers’ ‘bug’. You have visited some places that have been on my wish list for some time! Aahhh now I have ‘itchy feet’…lol

Thank you so much for sharing your story in such an open and honest way. Your ‘baby’ is a treasure!

Rainbow blessings
Leanne Lonergan NSW, Australia, January 9, 2009



John Haines’ revelationary journeys from around the world tell us more about this man’s pure heart of gold and the joys of an optimistic mind, than your average backpacker adventure.


Like an innocent child, John lures us to join him in awesome wonder at life’s beauty, magic and mystery.


His enlightened temperament oozes on every page into a simple philosophy that life has good, everywhere.


Uplifting and inspiring, John invites us to endear in the human kindness inherent in us all.


In a world of horror stories and misery, John reminds us ‘life’ is what we make of it ourselves.


Roselyn DeGaris, Adelaide



The creator of this book is one of the most focused individuals I have known in my seventy years. John’s adventures which led him to this point in life, recently fifty, are worthy of far more than a single book as I feel certain he will correct. His family, two daughters and Dutch born wife Lucia, and my family hold a ‘game night’ more or less without advance planning once each month. John’s lifestyle would suit few but his example will serve as a focused reminder to each reader that our individual pathways through six or seven or eight decades are self-chosen and the result of either pure happenstance or a master plan. John is one of those with the latter although that may not be apparent to the reader until well into the second half of the book.


This book, a partial-life autobiography, deserves to be read by every individual not yet committed to an 8-5 job, marriage, child rearing and a mortgage. If you happen to be past those decisions in life, you should still read it to discover where you, personally, may have ‘gone wrong’. John, like you, had choices and those he made will serve as pungent examples; it is never too late to change your direction in life.


John Haines conducts a weekly one hour interview program on our community radio station (DBFR – Doubtless Bay Family Radio) where with skills seldom found on radio (or TV) today he coerces guests to reveal their own life-defining moments. In his on-air promotions, he notes (with my own rewording), “In times past, families would sit around a glowing fire and the elders would tell stories which served to inform and educate the younger generations. ‘Voices from the North’ (the name of his program) brings back that tradition so that we all might benefit from the voices of wisdom.” This is pure John Haines, a man who believes the past is a bi-directional pathway to the present and future and each is important to shaping the life of those who live in the present.


Read this unique book with an open mind, do not allow your own preset prejudices to intercede as John struggles through Nepal, Papua New Guinea or (heaven forbid!) his ultimate lifestyle choice—New Zealand. You will learn from ‘John-the-elder’ that your mind is only cast in the concrete you yourself mix; perhaps a touch more sand, a bit more lime, another liter of water and you, too, could be a John Haines!


Robert B. Cooper, author, technology evangelist, and ‘the father of satellite TV’



Hey There John!


Once again I have come back to your Blog and re-read “Extending Friendship”. Again, I swelled up with Joy and a sense of surrender. It is the perfect thing to bring me back to Present Moment Awareness, remind myself to rest in the Stillness, be Fully Present, and to BREATHE consciously. I feel so full and so blessed for my life today, and lucky to be given this precious time on this Planet. Thank you for sharing your insights. YOU truly are a GIFT. How lucky I am that you have come into my Life in this Present Moment!


Thank YOU!!!


All my Love & Blessings to You!


Sharon Benson 7/28/08



John has written an inspiring account of his journey with simplicity, openness and clarity.

It is a reminder not to rush headlong through life, but to stay spaciously present. Slowing down and pausing awhile helps us to connect in a caring way with all that is around us.


John’s inspiration and clear intention to benefit others comes through powerfully in this book. He communicates to us the importance of stopping once in a while to smell the roses, taking time to enjoy each moment fully, celebrating life and living it well, having lots of adventures on the way, remaining true to ourselves and believing in ourselves and others.


As modern society takes us further away from simple living, the message in this book brings us back to what matters most, by reminding us that ‘simplicity’ is available at any time when we are prepared to open our hearts and minds and engage fully with the world around us. In this way, being present to each moment reconnects us with the preciousness of life.


This book has important keys to living well. Far from predictable, it is an exciting read; showing us that living with simplicity can lead to stimulating adventures, fresh insights and a deeper understanding of life.


This book has great positivity at a time when all around us the negative is emphasized. It is a reminder to trust in life as being inherently good, to see the beauty and humour and to simplify our lives so all the good things in life become apparent/available to us.


Suzanne Stewart, Buddhist practitioner, Wellington


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