“John Haines conducts a weekly one hour interview program on our community radio station (DBFR – Doubtless Bay Family Radio) where, with skills seldom found on radio (or TV) today, he coerces guests to reveal their own life-defining moments. In his on-air promotions, he notes (with my own rewording), “In times past, families would sit around a glowing fire and the elders would tell stories which served to inform and educate the younger generations. ‘Voices from the North’ (the name of his program) brings back that tradition so that we all might benefit from the voices of wisdom.” This is pure John Haines, a man who believes the past is a bi-directional pathway to the present and future and each is important to shaping the life of those who live in the present.”

Robert B. Cooper: author, technology evangelist, and ‘the father of satellite TV’

“John Haines did a radio interview for an organization I am involved with. I was present for the taping, and I witnessed the professional yet comfortable manner in which John conducted the interview. The interview subjects were clearly very comfortable in John’s presence, as he has a warm and friendly demeanor, helping everyone involved to feel relaxed and confident. His questions were interesting and his interview style was relaxed yet professional, getting great results from the subjects being interviewed. The interview was entertaining and informative and we hope to work with him again in the future.”

Angel Flinn, June 23, 2008


“I listened to your radio show on Monday.  “Smile”.  I was familiar with much of the material from your guest.  You are a comfortable, enjoyable host and your guest was articulate and informative.  What a joy to listen.  I have ‘tried’ to listen to so many radio shows or podcasts on the ‘net’ and usually switch them off.  I listened from start to finish to yours and look forward to tuning in again. 

Thank you, John.”
Julie O., La Jolla, CA February 19, 2009

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In the Studio Live December 3, 2008
In the Studio Live December 3, 2008

Voices from the North is a one hour radio program broadcast from Coopers Beach in New Zealand’s beautiful subtropical Far North. Guests come from all walks of life and have fascinating and inspiring stories to share.

Many could be classified as outside-the-box. All are entertaining. John Haines has a laid back and totally non-confrontational approach to interviewing that brings out the best in his guests. All of the programs listed below are available by clicking on the  links indicated. Please feel welcome to read the associated blogs as well.


Sun and Light – Inspiring Vegans Around the World  

Bob Cooper and the Rapidly Changing World of Book Publishing 


  • Richard Robbins: H2O Hills to Ocean Blog or Radio

  Many of you may not have the time to listen to a one hour interview so I’ve excerpted a couple to give you a taste:

In this 9 minute excerpt of a 2008 Voices from the Northinterview, Dr. Jennifer Cornell describes her astounding experience while still in medical school in the 1980s of researching TB in the Navajo Reservation in Arizona; this is the place that contains Monument Valley, familiar scenery from Western movies. The Navajo vocabulary has no words for human body parts and no words for pain. For them, health is harmony. Jennifer’s time with these people shaped her future direction in medicine and life. This talk touches areas most of us will never personally encounter. The insights are profound and fascinating. I’ve chosen to excerpt this simply because the Navajo perspective can help us to look deeply at how we view health and pain.


This is a five minute excerpt from a January, 2009 Voices from the North Interview with Dr. Cornelius Van Dorp, who worked seven years for Green Peace as a ship’s doctor and was fortunate to be involved with the establishment of an Antarctic Base that was closed in 1992 when the nations of the world voted to turn the Antarctic into a world park. 

A twelve month period in the Antarctic, especially during the five months of darkness, helped Corn to gain perspective on his life. The isolation gave him time to look at his life to that time and he realized he needed to make the best of his available time, to put focus on his family, to stop ‘hurrying and scurrying’, to look after the earth. This little part of our talk is well worth listening to. 


“John recently conducted an interview with my friend, Elan Sun Star, author and professional photographer, while Sun was traveling in New Zealand, in reviewing Sun’s forth coming book, SMILE. Sun is quite an amazing soul, with much knowledge and spirit. With his clear and infectious manner of putting all of his friends at ease; I say friends, because I can’t imagine anyone coming away from being interviewed with John, anything less; John and Sun’s conversations were most entrancing and informative. I know there is much more to come from these two. John’s spirit and his genuine caring manner illuminate the air waves, and I can feel the honest and real emotions coming through the interviews. Thank you John, for your heartfelt support and interest in Sun’s work and yours everyday you are on the radio……your listeners are very fortunate and Blessed to have the opportunity to listen to you!”

Wendy Nelson researcher and transcriber June 27, 2008 







In the studio with a guest, Kaye Dragicevich, in December, 2008

In the studio with a guest, Kaye Dragicevich, in December, 2008




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