John Haines 
15 Kupe Road,, Coopers Beach  0420,
Northland, New Zealand 

Telephone ++64 211848661


For anyone residing in New Zealand,

the books can be ordered directly from the author.


Simply phone or email and we’ll arrange payment and delivery.

Hi John,
I have just finished the book! I have thoroughly enjoyed every word, sentence and paragraph!
It was an inspiration to read of how you ‘let go’ so often and allowed the synchronistic energy to step in and let it do its work. It has been a timely reminder for me to let go and allow the same! I have come away from reading your book feeling  enthused about life’s journey and with the realisation that I had let my enthusiasm become a little faded and hidden by the ‘trappings’ of our day to day life!
I must say it has also reignited my travellers’ ‘bug’. You have visited some places that have been on my wish list for some time! Aahhh now I have ‘itchy feet’…lol
Thank you so much for sharing your story in such an open and honest way. Your ‘baby’ is a treasure!
Rainbow blessings
Leanne Lonergan  NSW, Australia, January 9, 2009



6 Responses to “Contact”

  1. James Davis Says:

    My Google alert for “Alice A. Bailey” brought me to your site.

    Nice video on your book!

    You mike to take a look at my 3 minute video, “Morphing with Light,” here:

    Its heart warming to see all the fine activity in the web of light.



  2. Joe Spicer Says:

    Dear John,
    I am very interested in the sound of the crickets – God’s cricket choir and would like to know if the 30 minure Cd you indicicated you play at workshops of the same is available to purchase or download. It is a very beautiful sound. Robbie Robertson on his cd Native American uses this sound also on the last track of the cd with toning by a lakota operatic singer which adds to it all but is a very short playing of it all. So I would like to get the 30 minute continuous playing of it
    Regards Joe spicer

    1. johnhaines Says:

      Hi Joe,
      The recording I have is on a cassette. It was copied from a friend (who’d also copied it) and the quality is less than ideal. I’d be interested in a 30 minute CD as well. So please, if you track one down let me know. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

      I’ll have to search for the Native American recording you mentioned.

      Thanks for touching in.

  3. Nancy O'Brien Says:

    Hi John
    I have to say I enjoy your website and radio
    broadcasts emencely!!
    I have a book that I am sure you know of
    “loving and leaving the GOOD LIFE”
    by Helen Nearing who travelled with Krishanmurti in the 1920’s. This book reflects on her and Scott Nearings lives living in Harborside Maine leaving their farm to Harborside Maine now named “The Good Life Center”
    Great read !!
    Nancy O’Brien – London ON

  4. johnhaines Says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Yes, I’ve read the book- a beautiful and inspiring story. It was lent me by American friends who came to New Zealand to live close to 40 years ago, after they had met and worked with the Nearings on their farm in Vermont. I mention Helen and Scott Nearing’s first 2 books on the good life (which inspired me greatly) in my new book, Beyond the Search.

    Thanks for thinking of me and love to you and your family.

  5. Ed Helvey Says:

    Hi John,

    Interesting that your daughter took one of Brian’s NZIBS courses. My son, Pete, who lives in Seattle when he’s not trekking somewhere in the world, too Brian’s photo journalism course. I believe Brian is now running NZIBS as a virtual business with some folks who work from their homes. He sold his home outside Auckland and has moved to his getaway house on Waiheke Island where he wiles away his time. He’s into publishing ebooks, too. Hopefully, when you might get down that way, you might enjoy meeting Brian and his delightful wife, Carol. I’ll be happy to make the introductions. I think you’ll get on famously.

    Meanwhile, I just posted part 1 of Step #4 of The 12 Step Program for Living Free – Simplifying your life. I’ll post part 2 later in the week. You and your book are mentioned in the posting. I’m going to order a copy of the book so I can read it and review it for people who are catching my blog. If you have an opportunity and you’re so inclined, I’d appreciate you reading it and commenting on it.

    Have a terrific day down there in Paradise.


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