Smart Meter Victims

We recently decided not to have a smart meter installed after watching the documentary Take Back Your Power by Josh del Sol.

Josh just sent out an email to supporters of Take Back Your Power. If you still have the option to opt out of having a smart meter installed strongly consider that option. You will want to after reading the email from Josh which I’ve included below.

Real, investigative journalism is so refreshing. Last night, a Kansas City station aired perhaps the BEST television coverage we’ve seen of the smart meter fire situation. As there are now around half a million recalls we know about, it is high time we see more investigative reporting such as this. And I believe we will.

Interviews with insurance adjuster Norman Lambe, researcher Brian Thiesen, and Professor Curtis Bennett are all included in the 4-minute clip.

See it now: KSHB-TV’s smart meter fire story


–Reporter: “Hundreds of thousands of smart meters have been recalled in the past several years across North America. And hundreds of fires have broken out, including in California, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, and across Canada.”

–Curtis Bennett (electrician professor): “It really is a very dangerous issue, and it should be treated as a real, unprecedented emergency in your area.”

–Reporter: “California insurance adjuster Norman Lambe currently has seven open smart meter fire claims. Of the dozens of smart meter fires he’s investigated, he says overheating is the major issue.”

–Norman Lambe (insurance adjuster): “Sparking… they are manufacturing too much heat.”

–Brian Thiesen (researcher): “These fires are going to continue to happen because, again, the basic laws of electricity are being violated.”

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