Bush Fairy Dairy2

After our walk yesterday on and near Honeymoon Valley Road in Peria we stopped at the Bush Fairy Dairy for coffee and hot chocolate (which were excellent by the way). There we bumped into Martin, who is contracted to trap predators in the landcare trust area where we had been walking. He explained that the last count he made there indicated 45 kiwi. This is not a complete population but gives an indication of a relatively high density of birds, which is great.

Martin had just returned from a day out monitoring kiwi on Mahinepua Peninsula, a place we visited in May. The photos here are from that walk in April. But please watch the video made by WWF which includes Martin holding kiwi. Martin enthusiastically shared a little of his knowledge regarding New Zealand’s national bird. The link to the YouTube clip is here.

0 wish kiwi (2).png

Kiwi are remarkable birds, being nocturnal burrow dwellers. Their egg size to adult size is the largest of any bird and the males incubate. All in all, these endangered birds are quirky and worth all the effort people make to protect them.

The follwing photos were taken at Mahinepua in May.







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