Share this video today, and here’s why… (These words are from a Greenpeace email forwarded to me)

It’s a story told by US photographer John Wathen who bore witness to the Gulf of Mexico deep sea oil disaster, and his warning for New Zealand is unforgettable.

Anyone who hears John tell his story, and sees the pain and suffering, the loss of life and livelihood, and the irreparable damage still being caused, will want to act.

They will want to do whatever they possibly can to ensure New Zealand’s oceans, wildlife and coastlines are not put at risk by deep sea       drilling.

Many of us feel like we want to leap into boats and confront the drilling rigs at sea, and that time may come, but they’re not here yet.

Right now the most effective thing we can do is keep building awareness and opposition – and we can do that by sharing this video.

Ben Metcalfe, one of the original Greenpeace crew once said: “Once you have witnessed an injustice, you cannot claim ignorance as a defence for inaction. You make an ethical choice: to act – or not.”

Share the video. People will choose to act.


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