The first Judy Nunn book I happened upon was Maralinga. Having hitchhiked across the Nullarbor in my backpacking past I was vaguely aware of something about nuclear testing at a place called Maralinga. But this gripping historical novel brought to light for me the story of Britain’s attempt to stay level in the game of bombs and destruction back in the 1950s.

I enjoyed the first Judy Nunn offering so much that I then picked up Floodtide. This novel traces the fortunes of four men and their families over four turbulent decades in the coming of age of Western Australia starting in the prosperous post-war 1950s. If anything, I enjoyed this novel even more than the first.

Judy Nunn is not only a bestselling author, she is a successful actress in her own right. The most recent of her novels which I read featured her insight into the world of acting. Pacific is an epic tale taking place in modern times in England, Australia and Vanuatu. It is also a parallel story following the exploits of a remarkable woman and her doctor/pastor husband during the Second World War in the New Hebrides. The heroine in modern times is actress Samantha Lindsay. She is one of the leads in a film featuring those turbulent war years in the South Pacific. The story gives a valued glimpse into the world of modern filmmaking while touching on some of the issues of colonialism as applied to small Pacific nations. I highly recommend this book. The parallel stories are interwoven in a near-seamless synchronistic tapestry leaving the reader thirsting for more.

As you can tell, I love Judy Nunn’s novels. What do you think?


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