It is so easy to get caught up in fear. How can we handle the changes to our environment, our food supplies, the myriad new illnesses that seem to come along? All we need to do to stay healthy is to change our perceptions and to realize we are the creators of our destiny.

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Your health is in your hands. As  Bruce Lipton has shown, we are not victims of the environment, of our pasts, or of our genes; we are able to change our DNA should we wish to. Here is link to an article that gives evidence that there are many, many children being born today who are developing resistance to diseases such as AIDS through the transmutation of their DNA.

This truly gives hope for the future of the human race. It shouldn’t be used as an excuse to mistreat your body. Healthy food, fresh air and exercise should remain essential parts of your daily health regime. But so should the awareness that you are truly in charge of your health and your genes.

I wish you abundant health and wellness. John


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