“What is the present outlook in the field of energy generation? One word suffices – catastrophic! Through over-illumination and overheating of the media of earth, water and air in Nature’s household, a short circuit – ‘cold fire’ – and the development of cancer has been triggered off. With nuclear fission a conflagration was kindled, whose ashes and slag residues alone will extinguish all life. Thus a reporter stated recently, “For the time being this radiating thing is there and with it the attendant worries as to how we can protect ourselves against these lethal ray, which penetrate even the thickest lead shields.” The sheer lunacy of using nuclear power for peaceful purposes will be just as short-lived as the subsequent remorse will be long.”

Viktor Schauberger as quoted in Implosion Magazine, No. 56, p.29-30 (Callum Coats: Energy Evolution (2000))

In the past, geniuses such as Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger have invented free energy devices. In each case (and in many others) powerful vested interests have ensured that these free energy sources were not made available to the masses. (see books such as Suppressed Inventions.) Now, another man has developed technology that could change the world as we know it and free us from the grips of the oil companies. Mehran Keshe is an Iranian-born scientist educated inEngland. He has established a foundation based in The Netherlands to support the dissemination of his plasma technology and its applications to space travel, medicine, food and more. I urge you to listen to the interview on the following link.


Read more on Mehran Keshe and his Foundation here: http://www.keshefoundation.com/about_keshe.html

And here’s an excerpt from another interview. The complete post is found here: http://pesn.com/2009/07/23/9501555_Keshe_space_exploration_energy/

At the end of our interview, I asked Keshe about the irony of his being Iranian, with Iran being a point of potential war erupting soon.  In defense of his native country, he said that Iran is “a peaceful nation,” and the Iranian government has been very supportive of his technology.  The irony is found in that Keshe, may have the very technology that would not only render war obsolete by introducing abundance where there has been scarcity, but also by removing borders because of how easy it will be to travel between any two points.


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