The last two days I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a couple of long walks with a dear friend. We were chased inside today by a fierce rain just as we each finished collecting a couple of bags of beautiful peat-like composty stuff from the beach (the part of the beach you see at the top of my website). This friend, a former Thai Buddhist monk and qualified Steiner teacher, is keenly interested in intentional communities. While we waited for the weather to clear he and his lovely partner (and another dear friend) Suzanne showed me links to various communities here in New Zealandand also to Tamera in Portugal.

I was extremely inspired by the vision of the founders of this example of how the world can be, so I share a little on the community below (from )

Tamera is an international project for a future without war, with a site that comprises 331 acres, 30 kilometers inland from the Atlantic coast. The project sees itself as an international training and experimental site for the development of peace research villages and healing biotopes worldwide.

In the Monte Cerro Peace Education, students learn in theory and practice how to implement Peace Villages in the context of a global healing concept. An important aspect of the education is Tamera’s experience and knowledge about community and building trust, truth, and transparency, including in the area of love and sexuality. Another main aspect is the study of the political theory of Dieter Duhm that shows up the possibility of global changes through local work.

Based on 30 years of peace research and community experience, Tamera was founded in 1995 by the sociologist, psychoanalyst, and author Dieter Duhm, by the free theologist and author Sabine Lichtenfels, and by the physicist Rainer Ehrenpreis.

Tamera´s aim is to build up a pilot model for nonviolent co-existence of people and between people and nature. The main tasks of Tamera are the education of young people in the Monte Cerro Peace Studies, the development of a village model calledSolarVillagewhich produces its own food and solar energy, and the development of a global political network under the name of GRACE. An Animal Sanctuary for horses, sheep, pigs, and others is being created.

For its projects Tamera cooperates with networks and specialists from many areas: permaculture, solar energy, peace work, nonviolence, animal rights, economics, media, and education.

The community ethics is guided by honesty in relationships, truth in love, and transparency in the community, and above all by taking on one’s own responsibility and thus steering free of leadership cults.

Currently about 200 staff members and many students live and work in Tamera in the areas of social design and community building, ecology, alternative technology (the Solar Village project), and international peace work and conflict resolution (mainly in Israel/Palestine, Colombia, and India).

Tamera is looking for support and cooperation with other committed peace workers and future communities world-wide. Our main meeting point for contact and network is the annualSummerUniversityin Tamera.

Do visit their website at

These are true visionaries intent on living the dream and educating others to do the same. I’m impressed and inspired.


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