My recent special guest on Voices from the North was Jackie Connell. Jackie edits the monthly newsletter for International Dolphin Watch (IDW) and, together with her husband, Terry Connell, is the co-founder of Operation Sunshine, a UK-based charity helping special needs families throughout the UK and internationally.

Jackie Connell has always been concerned about our environment and the need to bring a more meaningful and spiritual aspect into people’s lives. From the moment she heard dolphin expert Dr. Horace Dobbs being interviewed by Johnny Walker on BBC Radio 2 in 2000 she knew she was going to meet and work with this extraordinary man. But, as you listen to the hour I spend in the studio with Jackie, you’ll realise this sort of intuitive premonition is nothing new to her. The story she shares of the magic that brought Terry and her toNew Zealandleaves little doubt that Jackie has been cruising in the arms of the angels all her life. From childhood she had a recurring dream of a place she didn’t recognize. When a colleague from the open university where she worked sent Jackie a postcard fromMatauriBaywhile on vacation inNew Zealand, a postcard of a scene identical to her lifelong repetitive dream, Jackie and Terry began an odyssey that eventually landed them on the sunny shores ofNew Zealandas swallows for six months of the year.

Two pieces of music are shared during the hour. First there is a haunting track from Enigma called The Dream of the Dolphin. You can hear that song below.

Later we play A Song of Iruka, a melody from a Japanese woman who claims the song was written by dolphins and channelled through her. Inspired by the work and vision of Horace Dobbs, Konoe Ishizaki co-founded the Ki and Dolphin Healing Centre inKyoto. At 10.00pm on 26 November 1993, two weeks before the Dolphin Healing Centre opened, Konoe had a vision in which the dolphins gave her the following message:

Good evening! The fact is that you were born here to come and play a ‘life’ game. Be generous enough to play with anybody whom you encounter and also with those who say something nasty. You are all playfellows. There are humorous people and there are people who are not so humorous. Imagine that all of you are enjoying the game together. Some play the role of a disliked person, some play the role of clown. Everybody has a role to play.

This philosophical perspective is remarkably similar to that pieced together by regression hypnotist and therapist Dr. Michael Newton in his inspiring book Journey of Souls. As for the practical and loving guidance of angels in the synchronistic unfolding of our lives you need look no further than Paul Elder’s book, Eyes of an Angel.

Konoe Ishizaki’s song, Iruka No Uta (The Dolphin Song).can be heard here:

At the end of our time together Jackie Connell gifted me one of Horace Dobbs’ beautiful children’s books about Dilo, a make-believe dolphin. For more on the enigmatic dolphin pioneer Dr. Horace Dobbs, whose talks, books and films have introduced millions to the magical healing energy of dolphins, and for a complete list of his more than 20 books visit and/or watch the following video:

 In preparation for my interview with Jackie, I watched the powerful Oscar award winning documentary, The Cove,  featuring former Flipper trainer turned activist Ric O’Barry. Like Ric O’Barry, Jackie and the team of Operation Sunshine do not support dolphins being kept in captivity and therefore will not participate in programmes where dolphins are kept in such a way.

For more on how Operation Sunshine is changing lives through the power of dolphins visit:

For the International Dolphin Watch free newsletter visit  the IDW web site where the latest news can be downloaded free through the home page at:

And, last but not least, my complete interview with Jackie Connell can be heard below:


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