The poor man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is without a dream.

Harry Kemp

A few days ago I received the following note by email from a friend in Canada:

I have a friend who has been ill for two years. She really feels she has Lyme Disease and is getting nowhere with the medical systems. She has lost a lot of weight, vomits, has headaches and now faints. I was wondering if you have any info or if you can give me the email of the naturopath that was on your radio show. And I remember you had interviewed someone whose friend had gone to a healing centre in B.C.??

Here is my response:

Illness is a call to awaken. You are perfect just as you are. Any areas of disharmony in your life, including physical or mental illness, are simply an indication of, a manifestation of, your forgetting who you are. Your core or essence is God. God is perfection. So are you. Simply put, your job in life is to acknowledge that perfection. Your job is to remember who you are.

Geoffrey Morell, creator of the Clendenning system of healing, said to me in a recent interview that instead of running to your doctor when you are ill you should ask yourself the question: “What can I do to help myself, or better yet: What can I do to help my fellow man?” Any healer is able to help to the extent to which they see the perfection in their client. And the healing is lasting when the healer is able to awaken that awareness in the person who visits them.

But remember, we were all healers once and we all will be again. When Jesus healed a blind man he didn’t see the condition; he didn’t see the blindness. He saw perfection. And don’t forget Jesus also said, “These things and more, you shall also do.”

So, once again, illness is a call to awaken. Why do I say this? Because when you acknowledge your perfection, you acknowledge unity and your connection with your essence, with God.

God, the Creator; is omniscient. In other words God, your indefinable essence is all-knowing. Therefore everything you’ll ever need to be whole and to be well is contained within.

Lyme disease is simply a label for a condition of imperfection. Healing takes place when you let go, when you stop clinging to these labels of imperfection. You are not sick. Sickness is just a condition at the periphery of your being. Such sickness is just an indication that you are not experiencing your wholeness; you are not fully embracing the perfection at the core of your being.

We were all healers once and we all will be again. Your friend’s illness only exists because she thinks she is ill. She thinks she’s done something wrong. But that is not possible. We are all children of God. And, as children we are allowed and encouraged to play and to fall and to experiment with life. Health and harmony will prevail in one’s life when one acknowledges one’s wholeness.

Leave the conditions at the periphery behind. Acknowledge the unity that is you. Lift the veil of ignorance and see the light of perfection shining within you and within everyone else you meet. Affirm this perfection moment to moment and, eventually, you will become a master of your life. Then you will magnetically attract health and harmony to you and the conditions of imperfection will simply fall away.

A call to awaken audio below:

A late, great friend of mine, Alan Batham, once told a story of his friend, Eileen Caddy, one of the co-founders of Findhorn. Eileen was standing in line at a bank. The person in front of her at the head of the queue was arguing with the teller. He was blaming her for some discrepancy in his account and he was becoming increasingly belligerent. This went on for some minutes and the queue grew until Eileen focused on this angry man and mentally said to him: “I love you. I bless you. I recognize the divinity within you.” The man’s anger immediately melted away. He picked up his things, thanked the teller and left.

What Eileen Caddy did was an act of healing. She knew she was one with her essence and one with the tormented soul having a bad moment in front of her. She acknowledged his divinity, his perfection; at that moment he remembered it too.

Your friend will find health when she realizes there is nothing but perfection in herself and in others. The world is as you see it. Your world is as you see yourself. Every individual is on their own particular path of self realization and their experience is simply a reflection of this. You are perfect just as you are. You are wholeness and health. Affirm this. Become this. As Mohammad Ali once said: “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

Here are a few selected affirmations:

I Am harmony.

I Am perfect just as I Am. I now stop judging myself and others for what simply is.

I Am the embodiment of health, vitality and harmony and my experience is a reflection of this.

I Am one with my essence.

As for a naturopath, find one in your area and make a physical connection with them. There are natural therapists everywhere. Connect with the one or ones you feel pulled to. Then remember that any health practitioner can only help you to the extent that you help yourself. Here’s a link to the interview of the British healer who went to the Penny Brohn Centre in England.

In wellness and health,



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