Rather than running to your doctor when you feel unwell,  first ask: “How can I help myself?” or, even better: “What can I do to help my fellow man?”

Geoffrey Morell

From dairy farmer to energy healer and medical intuitive, Geoffrey Morell has led a full life. Now in his 85th year, he and his wife, Sally Fallon-Morell, recently purchased a farm with the intention of establishing a dairy herd for the production of raw, organic milk. Why would a man in his golden years do such a thing, you might ask? Geoffrey Morell is the co-founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation and raw milk is one of the wonder foods espoused by the foundation. Besides, the man has found a way to tap into the fountain of youth—continue to dream, follow through on your dreams and begin every day with a simple request of the Universe (my paraphrasing): Please bring to me the people and circumstances on this day to allow me best to serve.

Sally Fallon-Morell and Geoffrey Morell

Geoffrey Morell, originally from New Zealand and now living near Washington D.C., was back in our fair land to attend the 100th birthday celebration of his uncle, Owen Maria. More on that in a forthcoming interview and blog. I interviewed Geoffrey last year when he visited to celebrate Owen’s 99th birthday. Longevity must run in the family. His earlier interview can be found here.

In our hour on the air on Voices from the North together this time around he shared several key points:

  • To be a healer requires three things: 1. The need to be receptive; 2. The need to change your way of thinking; 3. The need to change your way of eating. And to be a healer requires the banishment of three words from your emotional vocabulary—ego, jealousy and hate.
  • Geoffrey’s own methods of healing began after many years of meditation. He was then visited in the inner realms by Jesus, Sai Baba and a blonde woman who collectively instructed him.
  • Healers and others coming into contact with the public need to take steps to ground themselves.
  • Approximately one in 20 people that Geoffrey sees have entities attached to them. They come from three sources: 1. Not letting go of loved ones when they die. 2. Using a Ouija board. 3. Some form of voodoo.
  • Rather than running to your doctor when you feel unwell, Geoffrey suggests you first ask: “How can I help myself?” or, even better: “What can I do to help my fellow man?” And ask that all imperfections be removed.
  • Beware of unfermented soy products including baby formula. More on that here.

Anyone who follows my writing and broadcasts knows I’m been a long-term mostly raw food vegetarian/vegan. I don’t like to pigeon-hole myself by belonging to any particular belief structure or system. I tend to agree with Krishnamurti who said there is little freedom in ‘isms’. I recently attended a presentation by vegan friends. They quoted T. Colin Campbell’s interpretation of the China Study, saying there are grave health dangers in consuming dairy products, claiming many people are unable to digest the casein in milk. Campbell claims cancer could be almost be eliminated by avoiding animal products.

Then, along comes the ever-youthful Geoffrey Morell, who claims we should be consuming the nutrient-dense foods of our ancestors including animal broths and raw milk. Who’s right? I leave that one for you to decide. I used to think the world was painted in black and white. I tend to see it in gradients from black to white now, with vivid splashes of colour as well, of course  There are those who claim the Weston A. Price Foundation is based on outdated science. There are others who claim that a vegan lifestyle can leave you bereft of necessary vitamins and minerals. For example Dr. Ben Kim says:

If you are a strict vegan eating mainly whole, unprocessed plant foods, and you are experiencing health challenges, you can probably experience dramatically better health just by adding some organic eggs to your diet. Organic eggs from free range birds and organic butter are two foods that will provide you with essential nutrients that are not abundant or present at all in plant foods and may not conflict with your compassion for animals.

Dr. Kim’s complete article can be found here: http://chetday.com/strictvegandiet.htm  

Every step in each of our journeys is valid. We can all learn from each other and we will find peace when we can truly embrace and love one another, regardless of our beliefs. I wish you all peace and the best of health, John

Listen to the he complete inspiring interview with Geoffrey Morell below:

Members of the Weston A. Price Foundation are entitled to receive the comprehensive 100 page quarterly journal, Wise Traditions. For more information please visit www.westonaprice.org. The magazine contains cutting edge health information and takes a no-holds-barred approach to the many myths foisted on the public by the various health voices in the world today.


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