Simplicity is really using the minimum that you need to enjoy the fullest life.

Benjamin Crème

The following words were found in the December 2010 issue of Share International. They are from Benjamin Crème’s The Art of Living.

Simplicity has a role to play because as the path of evolution is followed, you find that all creatures, first of all, want to do nothing but eat. Then as the organisms become more and more complex, so their needs become more complex. Then you get human beings, a massive 6.5 billion of us living on planet Earth, living the most complicated lives, creating an infinite number of goods of all kinds, usable and unusable, useful and useless, which are filling the shops and the storehouses of the whole world. That is not to count the millions of tons of useless armaments which clutter and threaten the world.

Just take a walk down one of the main avenues in Tokyo, for example, and go the area where you can buy technology of all kinds: mobile phones, cameras, televisions or computers. You can buy millions of them. Every building is filled, from the first floor to the 20th, with nothing but all kinds of communication gadgets.

Will it get simpler? Is simplicity a part of it? I would say that simplicity is very much to do with the art of living. My experience is that as humanity grows and life becomes more and more filled with objects, with technologies, it becomes less and less simple, and it goes further away from what we are calling the art of living. We do not know how to live. It is not a good way to live, to fill storehouses with all these call phones and computers. They should be distributed if useful, or not made if useless. It is commercialization gone mad.

As we evolve, as the art of living develops in humanity, as we are willing to give up somewhat this complicated overproduction, we will find that simplicity is the keynote.

Simplicity is really using the minimum that you need to enjoy the fullest life. The fullest life can be lived as an art, but it needs simplicity. So that when we enter the New Age properly; when the art of living is taken seriously by humanity and is being recognized and developed; when harmlessness and the Law of Sacrifice are controlling it, then you will find a greater and greater simplicity also. The ‘wilderness experience’ will show humanity the need for simplicity. And the more complex the life, as in, perhaps, America today, the more difficult it may be to accept the simplicity of the future. But it will be a happier time because there is great happiness to be had in simplicity.

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