Tomorrow I’ve been asked to give a talk to a group of women belonging to various churches around the area. One of the themes I’ll be presenting is the idea of moving into that place of personal power which acknowledges one’s ability to access from within that which is needed in the outer world. It seems to me that many of us still cling to the Piscean patriarchal paradigm in which we seek authorities outside of ourselves to point us in the right directions. We often give our power to these authorities and I’m not convinced this has always been in our best interests. These authorities—doctors, lawyers, bankers, priests, politicians, teachers and even parents—often have the best of intentions but do they hold the best of answers? If we are to move forward as individuals and as a race, we need to transcend the ‘mistakes’ of the past and lift our thinking and our actions to new levels of awareness. As Einstein stated and as I’ve paraphrased before, we won’t solve our problems with the same consciousness that created them.

Glenn Colquhoun is a physician and an award winning poet. He used to live not far from here. I will be sharing one of his poems tomorrow and I’d like to share it with you here. It comes from his book: Playing GOD The poem is called: When I am in doubt.

When I am in doubt

I talk to surgeons.

I know they will know what to do.


They seem so sure.


Once I talked to a surgeon.

He said that when he is in doubt

He talks to priests.

Priests will know what to do.


Priests seem so sure.


Once I talked to a priest.

He said that when he is in doubt

He talks to God.

God will know what to do.


God seems so sure.


Once I talked to God.

He said that when he is in doubt

He thinks of me.

He says I will know what to do.


I seem so sure.

Do we need intermediaries or should we listen inside for that still, small voice that never leads us astray? I know you know the answer. You seem so sure.

Blessings, John


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