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 I thank my dear friend Roselyn in Australia for sending the following information by email. The bold type is mine, not the author’s. I resonate with much of what Stella Woods  says and am delighted to share it with you here. Like Stella says, we do make a difference. It should be an interesting year.



Stella Woods

Ask any astrologer what’s happening this year and they’ll babble excitedly about the Uranus-Pluto cardinal square; the shift of Uranus into Aries and Neptune into Pisces, not to mention the continuing drama of Pluto in Capricorn and its effect on global financial markets. For my money, 2011 marks the real beginning of the 21st Century.

Over the past century, we have equated wealth with having a lovely home, lots of possessions and a good income. These things are no longer enough.  People are now craving free time, fresh air, open space, clean water, home cooked food, meaningful activity, warm, loving relationships and a sense of belonging.  Nothing mind-blowing there you might say, but in our commuter-consumer-technologically driven society, we have ignored our basic animal and tribal needs.  No wonder so many of us are anxious, depressed, mentally ill or suffering from allergies and chronic health complaints!

Here are my 2011 predictions from an astrological viewpoint.

Money & Finance

My advice is to pay off debt, build up savings and avoid speculation as the collective energies this year are so unpredictable.  Many will be tempted to take risks under the impulsive Arian energy, so do your sums and don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. Downsizing will become increasingly attractive.  

The Arts

The Arts will flourish as Neptune in Pisces stimulates our appetite for film, fashion, beauty and glamour.  The trend is towards fantasy and escapism, coupled with adventure and excitement.  Pisces is a quintessentially feminine energy, meaning more female artists and performers will get the chance to take centre stage. In fact we can expect to see more women making the news in all areas of life.  With Neptune in Aquarius for the past 14 years, technology has been the driving force behind artistic creation. Neptune in Pisces, being a more romantic, soulful and nostalgic energy could herald a return to popularity of acoustic and live music, classical music, folk and traditional music, hand-drawn illustrations, romantic and old fashioned films and anything that makes the heart sing or takes us back to a ‘golden age.’

Government & Politics

With Uranus in Aries, the drive for renewal and change will be intense, abrupt and even violent.  Any government that acts in an autocratic or unfair manner will be faced by massive grass roots protest fuelled by the power of the internet and social networking.  Secrecy is out and transparency in unless you want a starring role on Wikileaks. 2010 was the year of hung parliaments because the two party system can no longer deliver the goods.  Issue-based political organisations such as GetUp will thrive and prosper.

Fashion & Beauty

With Aries and Pisces influencing collective tastes we could see a move towards sporty, adventurous styles in vibrant colours coupled with a taste for military fashion and short cropped hair (Uranus in Aries). At the other end of the spectrum, ultra-feminine, romantic styles with pinks and pastels worn with long flowing hair (Neptune in Pisces).


With Pluto in practical Capricorn, it’s time to get real about looking after our planet instead of viewing environmental activism as some kind of left wing, green pastime.  No environment = no economy. We can all make a difference. Think more farmers markets, more home cooking, healthy lifestyle choices, alternative energy sources, saying no to chemicals and hormones, water conservation,  and a crackdown on ‘environmental wallies’.  Given the unpredictability of Uranus and the fiery nature of Aries, we should prepare for an increase in heat waves, droughts, floods, earthquakes, cyclones and other ‘Acts of God’.


As our population grows and resources and living space become more costly and scarce and people more debt ridden and dependent on credit, the collective rage is likely to explode. We could see a backlash against immigration and a rise in public demonstrations similar to the ones recently witnessed in the UK over the massive increase in university fees.  Also protests from the disabled and those who’ve been exploited economically demanding fairer treatment. Australian banks have recently been forced to drop excessive fees as a result of consumer pressure.  Economic hardship forces people to think outside the box. Do we really need to own large, free standing houses when the high price of servicing a mortgage now chains us down rather than offering financial security?  Do we really need an expensive university education resulting in a paper qualification and a massive student debt in order to achieve our career goals or make a living?  Do we really need a new car/washing machine/TV?  I think people, especially young people, will become much more creative about housing, education and consumer purchases over the coming decade.


Neptune’s imminent move into Pisces is likely to herald a mass spiritual awakening. Sound healing, colour healing, dreamwork, meditation, yoga, altered states of consciousness and the sacred feminine will all become more and more mainstream, just as Neptune’s transit of air sign Aquarius (1998-2011) made technology fashionable and widely accessible. Movies such as ‘Avatar’ and ‘Twilight’ are opening the doors of perception and paving the way forward. We could also see an increase in religious fundamentalism and cults as a reaction to a rapidly, changing world.


Each year we are witnessing an increase in mail order shopping, online purchasing and online trading via websites such as e-bay. We can compare prices with a click of a mouse. The businesses that will thrive in the current economy are those that make their customers feel special and valued and take time to build up a relationship based on trust and honesty.  Most of us are time poor and internet savvy – what we’re looking for are businesses with a human face who make it easy for us and deliver excellent service and quality.

For more from talented astrologer Stella Woods visit her website at: www.stellastarwoman.com



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