Total Lunar Eclipse December 2010

Starting at 6.00pm on Tuesday, December 21st a group of over 50 people gathered at our place to celebrate summer solstice. This year the solstice coincided with a total lunar eclipse, a rare event. We had a great evening of meaningful sharing of dance, ritual, song and conversation. Unfortunately, overcast weather obliterated our view of the eclipse despite New Zealand being one of the locations where the total eclipse could be viewed. We weren’t complaining as a spring drought has broken and we’ve received much welcome rain in the past week-and-a-half.

I’ve pasted below something from Huffington Post for more on the eclipse.

Monday night or early Tuesday morning, depending on your location, many around the world were able to witness a phenomenal and rare total lunar eclipse, watching as the Earth passed directly between the sun and the full moon, shrouding it in shadow and transforming the white image into a stunning deep red glow. The event was especially significant as it coincided with the winter solstice, something that hasn’t occurred in 372 years, and won’t come around again until 2094.

In our live blog coverage, we followed people’s reactions around the world and broadcast NASA’s lunar eclipse live camera. CLICK HERE to check it out, and watch some amazing videos of the spectacle, and CLICK HERE to view photos of past eclipse events prior to 2010’s December occurrence.

Here’s the link to the complete Huffington Post article. My thanks to John Hatchard for this link.


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