Hunua Falls

Late yesterday afternoon we arrived home to a moist and lush Far North. Asha had been away on a two week school trip to Vietnam and Lucia and I took ten days to tramp in the bush and swim in the streams near Lake Taupo and at Hunua Falls south of Auckland before picking Asha up from the Auckland Airport in the wee hours of yesterday morning (I managed three hours of sleep and Lucia two). As soon as we got home I jumped in the ocean for a swim to revive me enough to attend a vibrant ‘holiday-feeling’ ceili in a Mangonui Hall packed with all ages dancing and having fun together. 

This morning I looked at my inbox for the first time in close to two weeks ( I certainly don’t miss the computer when it’s not around!) and found the following information I thought I’d share with you. With a few slight editorial modifications the note is just as Laurence Boomert of The Bank of Real Solutions wrote it.

As for me, I’ll be singing carols at a nearby church tonight and we look forward to hosting our annual summer solstice celebration on Tuesday, December 21st. That will be a special evening as it also corresponds with a full moon lunar eclipse.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a great and meaningful 2011!.


If you want to focus on the positive – give yourself some cheer by checking out all the recently posted Kiwi Can Do community success stories on our website    

If you are tough enough to face the upcoming realities of 2011 then you probably already know that the globalized Wall St system of economic, social and environmental fraud is fast imploding. Along with the economic collapse, Peak Oil and climate mayhem are set to show us just how non-negotiable, food and fuel supplies are to our modern world. New Zealand cannot escape the dramatic economic consequences that are impacting the rest of the Western world. Even Bill English has now suddenly moved from gibbering on about some implausible recovery to admitting that at best any recovery is 10 years off.  His government’s $15 billion deficit for the year puts us on track for the same kind of massive austerity measures and bankruptcies sweeping the countries we look up to and depend upon. 20% unemployment is not uncommon in those countries, their social services are being decimated and money is hard to find while rampant inflation is hitting the basic necessities of life.

You can get scared and despondent but you can also wake up and realise that  ‘WHERE YOU LIVE IS WHERE IT’S AT’; that you and your neighbours and other aware and motivated members of your community can make your part of the planet more secure, more friendly, healthier and more resilient. That simpler more localized lifestyles and economies are achievable and that the empowerment and sense of security and satisfaction you will get, will put you on track for a Happy New Year what ever the world throws at us – so bring it on – We are on our feet with our sleeves rolled up – and we are sharing how we are doing it – right here at the Bank of Real Solutions   

Check out the Bank’s coverage on National Radio on Chris Laidlaw’s Sunday morning show:   (50 minutes)

Be strong ….but be kind too

Best wishes,

Laurence Boomert

 The Bank of Real Solutions



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