“Hello. Please fasten your seatbelts. This is your captain speaking. I sincerely hope you’re enjoying the flight and the meal prepared by our new food provider, “Flying By the Seat of Your Pants Catering.” We thought the chocolate covered grasshoppers would provide interest. We’re flying at nearly 12000 metres and the outside air temperature is -55 degrees Celsius, that’s cold enough to freeze the belly of a polar bear. Not to worry; those of you in economy are squeezed in so tight you can keep each other warm.”

Hi, my name is John Haines and welcome to another presentation of Voices from the North, aired each Wednesday on DBFR 103.5 FM, your innovative local radio station. My special guest in this interview can relate to the opening words which, by the way, are totally fictitious. Her name is Sheila Wyeth and she’s been in the airline industry for nearly 30 years.

Listen here for an entertaining and informative interview on life in the air for a terrestrial woman:


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