Ian Lungold


Consciousness has a plan and we’re all part of it.

 Ian Xel Lungold

A new friend recently sent me a DVD of a talk given by Ian Lungold in Sedona, Arizona in February, 2005. The talk was on Ian’s specialty—The Mayan Calendar: The Evolution Continues Ian Xel Lungold died in November, 2005 so the making of this recording of his talk was timely indeed. The following is a summary of notes I took while watching Ian Lungold’s presentation. These are his perceptions as I heard them.

Consciousness has a plan and we’re all part of it.

The speed limit of your mind is 24 thoughts per second, but intuition has no speed limit.

The Mayan Calendar was never a calendar; it was a meter of creation. The real purpose of the Mayan Calendar is to engage your intuition

We’re hypnotised in patterns. To break free of the patterns we have to make the choice to do something different. An extended vacation is one such way.

We’re presently about to move from the Galactic Stage of evolution to the Universal Stage. At each successive stage or cycle the rate of change of consciousness is twenty times faster than in the previous stage. People could feel stressed because the speed of change is accelerating. Time’s not speeding up, change is. How to cope? Stay centred and trust your intuition. Personal integrity is about following your heart, your intuition (remember: intuition means ‘to learn from within’). As Shakespeare so timelessly said: To thine own self be true. Allow everything to happen and to be as it is; don’t resist. It’s a matter of witnessing and allowing. Be discerning. When you allow things to happen you can choose not to participate.

Where are we headed? From ‘doing’ and ‘having’ to just ‘being.’ It started for us as children when we were asked: What will you do when you grow up? We’ve been conditioned to be ‘doers.’

The foundations of manifestation in three dimensions are attention, intention, integrity and intuition. Integrity is the gatekeeper. If you don’t have personal integrity you won’t be able to access intuition. Intuition comes through your connection to the source. Synchronicity is where intention meets opportunity.

Ian presented a chart showing a gradient of emotions. The highest was ecstasy followed by enthusiasm, interest . . . apathy and death. The higher emotions broaden our range of choices. The lower ones minimize them. For example, when we are apathetic the only two choices we have are to care or not.

There are no (innocent) victims, only those who create themselves as victims. (I’m sure some will find this statement challenging but it is another way of saying our thoughts, beliefs and expectations create our world.)

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