Could it be that all we need to know is written in the book of Nature? Could it be that we feel separate because we share a belief in separation? What do we really need? What can we give each other? Could it be love?

Last night Lucia and I attended the 50th birthday of a dear friend. We shared delicious healthy food. We shared meaningful conversations. I began dancing when a three-years- young child asked me to dance. I hardly stopped dancing for the rest of the night. I play/danced with men, women and children. I play/danced with my beloved Lucia.

What are we here for but to share in the joy of existence? Is anything ever wrong? Does anything really need to change, or does our perception need to change of it? Can we make mistakes? Do we need to get everything perfect the first time we try? Do you need to feel guilty because something you tried didn’t work out? Almost always in hindsight you find out that it did. So why bother beating yourself up now?

Why do we seek answers from authorities (author-ities)? Why do we look for confirmation of our perfection from others?

Are we seemingly in separate bodies because we’ve collectively bought into the idea of separation? What does Unity mean? Are you separate from me? Is that possible? Is it possible for anyone or anything to be separate from the Source? What is it that separates us from our awareness of the Source? If God, the Source, created everything, who created God? Did we? I’d like an answer to that.

Maybe all we need to do is to stop and to listen. Maybe all we need to do is to accept that all is well and perfect just as it is. Maybe all you need to do is to accept that you are perfect just as you are. You are a perfect child of the Universe. You have never done anything wrong. Imagine how you would feel if you embraced completely that knowingness. What’s stopping you?

What stops any of us from reading Nature’s script? What stops any of us from being able to do anything? Is it simply the belief that we can’t? If I believe anything is possible, it is. If I believe I can move mountains, I can. The question then is: Do I need to?

I Am you and you are me. We live in unity. There is a place we will meet. A place in the Heart. I’ll see you there. I’ll meet you there. I’ll dance with you there. I’ll laugh with you there. Can you hear the music? Can you hear the laughter? If not, what’s stopping you?


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