Last week I received an email from a subscriber to this blog. This person (Liz) did a little investigating into the veracity of claims that mercury is found in flu vaccines. The response she received from an obviously informed individual, Jim Vause, is printed below:

Hi Liz

You are right on the drug company putting everything down on their warning sheet….which make the sheet next to useless as it is nearly impossible to understand what is important and what isn’t

The thiomersol (interesting how they spell it two ways)  dose in vaccines is next to nothing and is being removed anyway. The link to autism simply doesn;t stand up to high quality study…the organisation I chair had to look at the research on this for our Autism Spectrum Disorder guidelines

the interesting thing is that the chelation clinic (the semi alternative clinic in Auckland who give the superhigh dose vitamin C) infuses this stuff for their chelation therapy..a lot bigger dose

So as usual the media simplifies something ….its always easier to be sensational to get readership than to tell the truth.

Jim Vause

I really appreciated this email from Liz. The reason I publish this sort of information is to give us all something to think about. We are all products of our own conditioning. Twice in my life I have fought back from bouts of spinal meningitis. Each time the disease followed vaccinations. I’m lucky to be alive.

I have done much research over the years and I must say I question the need or efficacy for vaccines at all. I’m obviously biased based on my own personal experiences. I make no apologies for this. Each of us needs to decide for ourselves what is best. I simply produce another perspective that hopefully gets readers thinking.

Vaccine manufacturers claim to have eradicated many infectious diseases. Yet studies show that the reduction in said diseases came about through improvements in sanitation and hygiene. The same diseases still exist in places with poor sanitation today.

We are also told with sensational headlines that New Zealand is embroiled in an epidemic of meningococcal disease (spinal meningitis). I’ve seen such headlines in the New Zealand Herald on a number of occasions. Yet this supposed epidemic began the moment the MMR vaccine was introduced here in 1991. Is this a coincidence?

In our lightly populated Far North I personally know of four cases of vaccine-damaged people. One teenager we know suffers from chronic fatigue, one young woman was severely brain-damaged after receiving a vaccination as a child, one baby died within a week of being inoculated and one man contracted polio after being exposed to the live vaccine through his child. These are real cases that escape the headlines but which change people’s lives forever.

Vaccinations are one of the pillars of modern medical practice. Medical schools are funded by pharmaceutical companies. Doctors who dare to speak out against vaccinations are ostracized or stripped of their ability to practice medicine. Refer to the case of Quebec doctor, Ghislaine Lanctôt, author of the Medical Mafia, who encountered this very response for daring to question the sacrosanct nature of vaccines. When you ask your doctor about vaccines be aware that they cannot bite the hand that feeds them. I have no such concerns. I have nothing to gain by reporting my viewpoints and those of my guests on the radio. Most newspapers today are owned by powerful individuals or mega-media companies which exercise editorial influence over what is reported. I’m extremely fortunate with my radio show. I can interview anyone I like and can present any perspective. There are no editorial guidelines aside from the desire to present the truth.

I urge you to read the following post on what a homeopath has to say about the swine flu and vaccines.

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Here are few more posts about vaccines. Do consider reading them and making your own mind up on this subject. I wish you happiness and glowing health. John

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