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Linda Hindley

My recent guest on Voices From the North, Linda Hindley, is a visitor from her native England. University educated with majors in science, economics and sociology, in the course of her long, productive and eclectic working life she’s been a teacher, organic farmer, consultant, administrator in various social service fields, all leading to her present occupation of healing—or, as she would say, a channeller of energy.

Her healing/energy work today finds her variously engaged in hospitals, a drop-in centre and in private practice. Much of what she does is given freely.

A common theme throughout the interview was Linda’s conviction that the universe provides her with exactly what she needs, at precisely the time it is needed. She gives the example of setting up a refuge for the homeless during a particularly brutal winter in 1995 and 1996 when people living on the streets were dying from exposure to the cold. Much of what was required for the refuge was entirely dependent on the generosity of the local community—in terms of time, energy and money.

Waiora Gardens - Where Linda Stayed in New Zealand

All went well until the day they were due to open, January 1st. Appliances had been donated, plumbed and wired in. Unfortunately, at the eleventh hour, a washing machine was leaking and a cooker was not wired in. The next two knocks on the door of the final day were made by a plumber and an electrician—seemingly delivered by providence—and the necessary repairs were completed, just on time.

That night, as Linda and the homeless guests settled into their warm, dry, temporary home, one of the volunteer helpers remarked, “You know. We have everything we need.”

Linda replied, “Yes, but it would be nice to have a television.” The phone rang just after they spoke. It was someone with a television they no longer needed, supporting Linda’s belief that all that is needed is provided and even, sometimes, what is wanted as well.

Linda had a near death experience at the age of 21 and nothing that has happened to her since can shake her knowing that she has guardian angels and that all the events of her life have a purpose in bringing her precisely to the place she’s at today.

A few years back her partner of ten years, a lifelong smoker, was diagnosed with terminal throat cancer and given a year to live After radiation treatment, he and Linda made their way to what was then called the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (it has since been renamed the Penny Brohn Centre). Linda says if there’s a heaven on earth, this is it. They were swept up and cocooned in an atmosphere of love and embarked on a journey of healing embracing nutrition and a cornucopia of therapies complementary to the allopathic treatment prescribed by his doctor(s). They were gently guided to take control of the healing process, to reduce stress and deal with all aspects of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. He used the Essiac herbal mixture a An ancient Canadian Ojibway Indian herbal formula passed on to nurse Rene Caisse—Essiac is her name spelled backwards—by a native Canadian healer in the 1920s) and other natural means and completely eliminated the cancer.

Unfortunately, he’d suffered horrific earaches as a consequence of the radiation treatment. Being terminal, he was prescribed morphine for the pain and, contrary to what the doctors said could happen, he became addicted to the drug. Ultimately, he underwent a painful period of detoxification to over come the physical addiction.

All was well until he was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was determined to be incurable and he was told to get his affairs in order. The doctors were unable to help.

They turned once again to the Penny Brohn Centre and immediately embarked on a basket of complementary treatments of his choice. The eight tumours were reduced to three in a matter of months and he was gaining weight and making plans for the future. Until he died tragically in a car accident. Life can seem so unfair at times.

When asked at the end of the interview what one could do if diagnosed with cancer Linda’s response was so stirring I’ve cut a little clip out of the interview and uploaded it here. I’ve summarized (in my words) the gist of her reply here:

Take power back to yourself. No one knows you better than you. Your body is your best friend, often showing you through illness, serious or otherwise, the changes you need to make to attain a sense of wholeness of self. Don’t reject the help mainstream doctors can provide but embrace the tool bag full of natural therapies which complement traditional medical treatment. Sometimes cancer’s natural outcome will lead to death. But many times, Linda emphasizes, it is a wake up call. Listen to what the disease has to tell you, listen to your body, trust in a higher power (call it what you like), make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes (especially areas that reduce stress) and healing is often possible.

We played two pieces of Irish music—Moonchild by Celtus in the middle of the hour and finished with part of Clannad’s Theme from Harry’s Game.

Click below for the complete therapeutic interview:

Anyone wishing to contact Linda may leave a response to this blog and I’ll pass it on to her.


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