The power of thought and consciousness precedes all change.

Max Tobin

 2012. What image or images does that date conjure up in your mind? Is it the end of the world or the beginning of a new one? My special guests Wednesday, September 8th on Voices from the North, Max and Alana Tobin, have made it a vital issue in their lives to investigate the Mayan Calendar and its perspective with respect to 2012.

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There are countless books, even movies, related to this monumental time and many of them are harbingers of doom. But Max and Alana, calling on the words and inspiration of Mayan seer, Wandering Wolf (Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj a living authority within the Mayan wisdom traditions and researcher Carl Calleman  ( ) see the Mayan Calendar and philosophy as a map of human consciousness rather than as a predictor of catastrophe.

I recall the huge attention the media gave to the Millennium Bug. The flow into the new millennium turned out to be a gentle non-event compared with the predictions we were inundated with. Likewise, Nostradamus books are always popular. People love to look at interpretations of his words which point to a third world war and other calamities.

Yet, as Max Tobin so eloquently stated during our interview, the power of thought and consciousness precedes all change. And fear is often based on the memory of previous catastrophes. So what future do we wish to envision?

Similarly, the Siberian seer, Anastasia, has this to say of Nostradamus:

 “The dates you gave, Nostradamus, for fearful cataclysms on the Earth, were not predictions. You created them out of your own thought and persuaded people to accept their implementation. Now they are still hovering over the Earth, still frightening people with their sense of despair . . . It can come to pass simply because human thought is material and creates what is material . . . And whole sects immolate themselves in different parts of the world – that is, the ones who believe in doom immolate themselves, while the ones who have faith in the future live.”

The Spirit of Love, Chapter 24 by Vladimir Meģre

As for 2012, Max calls it a non-event. But he and partner Alana draw our attention to two other dates: November 3, 2010 and March 8, 2011. and the real end date of the process of creation, October 28, 2011. These are times are opportunities for us to tune in and wake up. And as we wake up, we ‘make whole’ and we gain access to multidimensional memories for, as Alana says, ‘We are time capsules of memory.’ The Mayan name for the Creator is Hunab Ku. And on March 9th next year Alana says Hunab Ku will be pulsing through me and you (rhyme fully intended), animating all of creation and similarly informing us. Alana hastens to add that all this and we are not limited to linear time. Rather, we can tune into Sacred Time, as the Mayan timekeepers have learned to do. Recognize we are on a Divine evolutionary schedule.

When I asked Max how he would define enlightenment he said (something like): “Enlightenment is recognizing the unity within consciousness and coming to understand that the universe has purpose.” I might add, and I’m sure Max would agree: We too, each and every one of us, have purpose.

Alana spoke about how the accelerating changes in consciousness can sometimes cause distress. People may find themselves vacillating between feeling wiped out and being over-energized. She recommends practices such as yoga, meditation and Tai chi to help with the shifting energies we are all increasingly exposed to. For more on this read my earlier post on the Shaumbra Symptoms.

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What does Wandering Wolf have to say? (from:

Wandering Wolf is responsible for guiding humanity through a prophesied evolutionary transition called the transition to a new sun, or the “Shift of the Ages.” In his speaking engagements and travels he relays not only potent messages filled with hope and promise, but also grave warnings about the changes we must make.

He tells us we are living in the time when the ancestors as well as men and women of wisdom return to usher in a new era of global harmony and a new phase of human evolution. Wandering Wolf warns us that we have arrived at a critical crossroads.

The message is simple and clear — we must change the way we live NOW.

Each individual must participate to help bring in the coming age and must start by purifying themselves and healing past traumas to Mother Earth, all the living creatures and those people who have been disregarded and disrespected. His message is one of equality, sharing and unity. He says that each person must take responsibility and look into their own heart for the ways they can participate in this shift.

For more details on the cycles of the Mayan Calendar read below and found  at:   

The Mayan calendar is in 9 different levels. Each level is divided into 13 sections. There are seven periods of light and six periods of dark (seven days and six nights to each day of creation). Each day is a period of increase in consciousness, and each night is a period of applying that consciousness.

The very first cycle started 16.4 billion years ago. It is called the Cellular Cycle. 16.4 billion years is divided into 13 different sections (each one of them is 1.26 billion years long) and each one of these 13 sections or “days” has a particular intention in creation.

The second cycle started 820 million years ago. It went through the same 13 steps except these were only 63.4 million years each.This cycle is called the Mammalian Cycle.

The third cycle started 41 million years ago and is called the Familial Cycle.

The fourth cycle started 2 million years ago and is called the Tribal Cycle.

The fifth cycle started 102,000 years ago and is called the Cultural Cycle.

The sixth cycle started 5,000 years ago and is called the National Cycle.

The seventh cycle started only 247 years ago and is called the Planetary Cycle.

The eighth cycle started January 4th, 1999 and is called the Galactic Cycle. Each step of this cycle is only 360 days long.

The ninth cycle begins on March 8th, 2011 and is called the Universal Cycle.

As you can see, the pattern accelerates. According to Ian Xel Lungold at Mayan Majix, each cycle of creation contains the same amount of advancement and change, but each cycle runs 20 times faster.

IMPORTANT NOTE – The ninth cycle of creation runs from March 8, 2011 to October 28, 2011. This makes October 28, 2011 the end of the Mayan Calendar, not December 21, 2012.


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