To be free of the past is to breathe deeply of the heavenly fragrance of the now.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of what you think and believe is based on conditioning derived from the ideas of your family, your teachers, your church, the media? It’s all based on experience, on memory, on the past. It is based on time. But it can be said that where time is not, God is. So, all that we believe may be a great lie. If you want to realize, if you want to be, your God nature, you may have to let go of a lot. You may have to let go of everything. How would that feel? Have you the courage to step into that place of ‘not knowing’?

How would it feel to not have a past? I don’t mean you need to forget what happened yesterday. I don’t mean you need to discard the memories of your childhood. But do memories need to influence who you are and the decisions you make today? Imagine waking up at dawn and not being surprised if the sun rose in the west. Imagine taking a bite from an orange for breakfast and tasting its exquisite sweetness as if for the first time, as if you’d never had an orange before. How would that be?

This awareness of stepping into a timeless realm, of stepping into a world without memory, while still functioning in the world of time is possible. In fact, it is an inevitable part of the journey of every human soul. To release the past is to collapse into the present; a present swollen with the richness of infinite possibility. A present released of the perceived burden of responsibility. After all, responsibility is almost always derived from the beliefs, ideas and experiences of the past. Could it be that your only true responsibility is to be happy? Can you imagine that? Can you imagine how much better you would serve those around you and the planet if the only responsibility you had was to be happy? Would you still be doing what you are doing today?

To be free of the past is to breathe deeply of the heavenly fragrance of the now. To be free of the past is to greet each moment with joyful anticipation. To be free of the past is to free of the mind. To be free of the past is to be happy. 


I Am free of the past. I Am the living Creativeness of the Present.



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