Here’s a little poem that came to me a few mornings ago. I trust you enjoy. John

The Path of the Mystic

That which we seek is already here.
It’s access: acceptance.
It’s reward: lack of fear.

No teacher is needed, no specialness sought.
For rich and for poor.
The key can’t be bought.

Dwell in the present, rest on the breath.
Remain in the moment.
Wait not for death.

We exist for contentment. For freedom we long.
The result grows daily
In the birth of our song.

No greater, no lesser. No wrong and no right.
In Oneness we find:
Absolute stillness, perfect sight.

The birth of a universe, the death of a star.
My wish melds with yours:
Knowing who we are.

Cease making distinctions, don’t judge, block or hold.
Grow gentle, grow strong.
Be meek and be bold.

The world is a wonder, each flower a song.
The path of the mystic:
Is not short and not long.

No closed and no open, no far and no near.
The path of the mystic is
The vision of the seer.

In repose and in dance, in sleep and in mirth.
The ghost of the mystic
Is the light of the Earth.

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