Gratitude and beauty go hand in hand.

Chris James, the master teacher of sound and voice, once encouraged his students to be attentive to every drop of rain falling on the roof.

The winter rains are falling here after a week of incredible, sunny, spring-like weather in this, July, ordinarily our coldest month. It’s coming down so forcefully I’d be hard-pressed to be attentive to every drop falling on our roof. But, after the exceptionally challenging drought of this past summer and my years spent in the deserts of the Middle East and the American Southwest, I refuse to complain about the life-giving waters currently falling from the sky. It sounds beautiful and powerful and I am grateful for it.

Don’t gratitude and beauty go hand in hand? We only truly see beauty while experiencing an earnest sense of gratitude. Perhaps we could say that gratitude opens the window to beauty’s radiance. This is the beauty that shines from within. It is that which transcends all outer blemishes and afflictions. It is that essence which serves as a bridge between the limited nature of the material world and the unlimited nature of the world of spirit.

Be grateful. See, feel and hear the beauty that is always present when you are. Be attentive to the rain falling on your roof. Be happy.

I am deeply grateful for the beauty in my life. I am bathing in beauty.

I wish you peace, John



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