You say you cannot create anything original.

Create a cup from which your brother or sister can drink.


Inayat Khan

Henry Ford once said to Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Sufi mystic

, “If one meditates too much there is not likely to be much work done.” Inayat answered him:

But if one meditates somewhat there will be much work done, and better done, and with it will be happiness and peace. I do not preach denial of things of the world, nor do I condemn worldly accomplishment. I preach only that with the things we must do here in the material world there must also be real attainment in the world of the spirit. (Detroit News, 7-2-1926)

Why do we meditate? Can we make time in our busy daily lives for it? I say: Can you afford not to? As the traditional saying goes: Those who take their time have a lot of time. Meditation brings clarity in times of doubt and uncertainty. Meditation assists one to view the trials and tribulations and ups and downs of life with equanimity. Meditation allows one to be more detached, to more in touch with the core than with the periphery, with the soul rather than the personality. Then if someone is cruel to you, you can see that very act as a gift, as an opportunity to be more accepting, more forgiving and more loving. The last of human freedoms is the freedom to choose our attitude regardless of the situation in which we find ourselves.

When you meditate in a group you are able to make deep heart connections with the people in the group, avoiding the distraction of words. When you meditate alone you make a deeper connection with yourself, and through that a deeper and truer connection with everyone else.

In traditional Eastern forms of meditation it is taught that you gradually release samskaras, the karmic tendencies born of the past. You then tend to act in ways more attuned to the present unencumbered by the baggage of the past. Meditation is a science that cleans the mind. When you consider that some 90% of your thoughts are not your own, can you afford not to meditate? Do you want to react to situations based on conditioning or would you rather respond with wisdom; wisdom born of depth of beingness?

Take time to meditate daily and create a cup from which your brothers and sisters may drink. Then empty the cup and be the formless space within it. In so doing, truth is born.


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